Fktjdkgmĵncmf, Master Of Chaos

Here we finally have the master to compliment the protector of chaos!

I actually tried to give this guy a function, too. His weapons change from blades…

To machine guns with flick fire missile launchers!

You may recognize the head on this MOC, as I have used the same head on a Makuta I built, but I think it looks fine here, too.

He of cours retains the 2015 gear box as well, but now it doesn’t clash with the colors.

I think he turened out about as well as I expected but he has another cool feature…

Because when you pair him with the Protector of Chaos…

They actually can do a legit 2015 style combo, where he gets his protector’s wings and blades.

Well, that’s about it! I hope that you enjoyed him.


Not sure, as always the background detracts a lot of positive feedback you could get, sd for the MOC itself, I do not like either one, the builds are weird and the colors are a complete mess.

This is just the worst… But I think that is the point so groovy.

nice but make it even more chaotic like make it look crazy bro

also the protector sorta…


is bad

The colors are kinda werid, but I still like the build and protector.

The MOC has some odd proportions, colours, design and name.

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@White_Rainbow, Sory if you dispise the cluttered background, but at the moment it’s the best spot I’ve got.
@GIF.Man.Ben It wasn’t supposed to look bad as much as weird.
@h1vem1nd I may revamp this MOC. As for the protector, he was actually built as a hero factory guy before the fists G2 leaks.
@Ninjanicktf The colors are supposed to be weird (hence the name). Thanks!
@Oniwah As stated before, those were all intentional, except the proportions. I’m not sure how I would fix them, though.
@CarumSarene Thanks for the advice! Also, the name is just what came out of closing my eyes and tapping the keyboard. I find it funny that just adding an accent sign makes people assume it was Scandinavian or Icelandic or something.
@Maypool Yes, that’s the correct translation.
@SwagMeister Yeah, I wish I could bring the neck in closer, but I cant figure out how.
@Toa_Joker toa I just wanted the weapons to contain all three major colors.
@Hutere_The_Toa_of_Air, Thanks!
@BioKnight Oh.


Try taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland or the land of Oz. Chaos is chaos, but even that needs its own rules.

Otherwise it’s pretty good :slight_smile:

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How do you pronounce the name?

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I’ve been practicing Icelandic pronunciation, not good at it though.

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I don’t like both. They both suffer from poorly executed colorschemes and large necks. The master is clearly the better version, although he’s still very gawky and awkward when looked at certain views.

Eh. The weapons seem a bit cluttered and the the armor is awkward.

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I like the build.

Oh it’s icelandinc huh?
Let’s see if it translates to anything…



That killed me, omfgs. Send my bionicles to my next of kin.


There are no words to describe this monstrosity

The color isn’t the problem so much as its the design.


Oh I knew it wasn’t, but I still wanted to give a shot at pronunciation :slight_smile:

When looking at inspiration, don’t rely on just the movies, try the books as well.

Also another idea for inspiration is The Sandman by Neil Gaimen.

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Oh my god, that color scheme. This really is the Master of Chaos.