Flare: the Hero

This hero was once part of a team which was constructed by her, *Caleberg, Raura, Montounaer, Smokey, and Scope. After the death of one of they’re team mates. They split up and started to do they’re own thing.

Unlike the rest of her team mates she stayed a hero to help those in need.

Ooo, it seem like she is going to fight that ferocious Fire Shaake.

Me: Aw, why didn’t u kill it?
Flare: Because it was merely trying to defend it’s territory and killing is against my code.
Me: Oh.

*link to what happened to Caleberg: Caleberg: The Mercenary


I like the head, but it doesn’t fit the rest of the moc at all.


The head is impressive but the rest doesn’t really work. It’s much too small for the head.


The MOC looks really cool, but the head’s colours look really out of place with the mostly gold colour scheme.

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The torso is really awkward and open.

the head feels out of place

while the head is a cool build imo, it dosnt work well for this mocs colour and aesthetic

Nice, the head reminds me of this guy