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Adobe is discontinuing Flash. It’s sad, so hopefuly someone buys it so this doesn’t have to be a memorial topic. The worst thing about it is that we won’t be able to play MNOG anymore.


Wait, no more MNOG? Why? How?

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Um, no, that’s not true.

Adobe is discontinuing support and distribution of Flash. They aren’t disabling Flash Internet-wide (that’s also not physically possible).

If you haven’t noticed already, most things that use Flash through Google require you to enable Flash to use it. That’s a specific method Google has used to clean its hands of it and put all security liability in the hands of consumers and not themselves. It’s been on the path to being dead for quite some time now.

What this means is that we won’t be seeing Flash used anymore. Things made in Flash are still going to work, provided you’re in the right environment, but there will be no more updates and the plug-in won’t be distributed anymore.[quote=“Jakanader, post:1, topic:49497”]
It’s sad, so hopefuly someone buys it so this doesn’t have to be a memorial topic.

I mean, it’s maybe a little sad, but this is a severely inferior and outdated software we’re talking about.

HTML5 already does everything Flash did and more, and it’s not as mega-easy to hack as Flash is. In fact, the security issues are the main reason Apple never supported Flash at all, and why it’s being pulled in the first place.

Yea, it enabled some cool things, but it’s comparable to wanting to keep landline phones around when you have cell phones.


but nostalgia

Are you 100% sure that is the case? From what I have read online, none of the already made in flash games will work anymore, unless you somehow manage to download them.

Yes, you can’t disable Flash across the entire Internet. All they’re doing is discontinuing its production and distribution.

Which means they won’t be making updates and it won’t be up for continued sale.

Sure, some sites might completely renovate themselves to no longer use Flash programs (and why wouldn’t you, considering how easy Flash is to hack), but some won’t. I’m pretty sure wherever MNOG is, the people who own the sites won’t remove it so the game still runs, and I’m also under the assumption you can still download MNOG specifically.


So, that means we shouldn’t worry at all about loosing any of the old LEGO flash games, right?

Biomedia Project has MNOG, as well as most of the old lego Flash games, the problem with the lego flash games, is that most of them require a particular flash plug-in, that is no-longer supported by most browsers, (Except internet explorer), so the only way to get this plug-in, is user-created content that emulates the plug-in. Some flash games work without it, like the Alpha Team ice themed games, as well as the Dino-Attack games, but some of the classics like Backlot, and Junkbot don’t without it.


@ProfSrlojohn, what’s this plug-in called?

The Lego games Shockwave Xtra’s patcher.


I was aware of that, the question was if they would work after Adobe stops supporting Flash in 2020.

They should if you use a browser like Internet Explorer or an older version of a browser that does that still supports it.

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I tried downloading mnog and mnog II to a flash drive from BMP, but my computer labeled it as dangerous and blocked the download. Isnt that because of the presence of flash?

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That’s exactly why.

ok, just double checking
they say its all safe, but is this proven? I would like to put it on a flash drive, and I have something that wont block the download, but I want to be sure

Oh yeah, Biomedia is fine.

ok, thanks

Will Flash games still be playable in browser after Flash gets discontinued, or do we have to download the games in order to play them?

They won’t be, theh mat be for a little while after, but they’ll stop supporting the plug-in soon enough.

I think there’s a site dedicated to preserving old flash games, but I don’t remeber what it’s called.

EDIT: found it.


This thing has gotten press from several major news sites, so i think you’re more than likely safe.

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Does this site also have any of the LEGO Flash Games?