Flashformers' Art Thread!

I’ve decided to make an art thread, to dump all my pixels and doodles in one place. I hope you enjoy something!

Here’s a couple of pixels from this week. You can also find a couple when I set them as my Avatar

Baron of Hell.

Hell Knight.


That’s all for this first post. Come back for more (occasional) art!


I really like your way of shaping and making things look natural.

I’d add some shadowing tho.

Other than, this is pretty darn good!

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Thanks @Kan.

Here’s my Cacodemon from a while ago.


Pretty good, especially for pixels.

IDW brought Rom the Space Knight back, so here’s a cruddy gif.

Sorry for inactivity, i’ve just been very busy, and unable to draw. But in the meantime, what should i draw, Godzilla, or just a sample sketches of some characters I’m making?

Wow, look at this piece of abandoned garbage. Luckily, I’ve been training in the art of repairing garbage.

Hit it, GER.