Flipnote Studio

If you never experience the community, then good; it's literately a kid friendly version of Deviantart, however just like dev. their are some good quality animation.
Here are some personal 3D fav. I found.
(some I want to post but can't due to 13+ restriction)

(if your going to show a flip you found online, please be HQ audio)

Flipnote always seemed primitive to me, but these just changed my mind. wink

Hopefully my new 3ds can get this without showing errors

Not sure if your able to get it as of this time and of note they removed the online feature aside from Japan due to prior abused contact.

Dang it I just got a 3ds. Yesterday

Whatever happened to the 3DS version? I kept checking and never saw it on the Eshop besides the trailer.

Only way to obtain it is to register Club Nintendo, however since it's discontinued theirs no other way to obtain it unless you use a certain foreign 3DS. (japan is your best option because of the online feature)

Well that's a shame...