Flora the wise

And now for my next moc, eljay!

from front

from back


This is yet another glatorian that has joined the council. He is very wise and promotes peace above all things. Even though he is a glatorian he refuses to fight.


very colorful MOC, though I do think the brown (which I'm guessing is supposed to resemble wood) could be spread more throughout the MOC.

Yeah, there isn't that much brown in ccbs though. Another thing I want to do is change the trans green to bright green (green lantern green).

Whoa, this is a colorful one! I quite dig the color scheme, it looks very tropical and jungle-like. This is also a pretty well-covered CCBS build. Pretty good overall, I just wish there was a weapon.

The chest looks too bare.

Color scheme is interesting. Little too much going on.
Interesting that his name basically means "flower" yet he resembles every other aspect of plants. :P

Doesn't flora just mean plant life? Anyways, thanks for the feedback smile

"Flora is the plant life occurring in a particular region or time, generally the naturally occurring or indigenous—native plant life." -From Wikiped wink

or if you prefer Webster,
"biology : all the plants that live in a particular area, time, period, or environment"

So yeah, flora isn't just plants.

I like the tail.

Gonna repeat Ventum here. The colors are interesting, but I do have to complain a bit about the gold, which seems out of place to me.

Yeah, I know that flora generally refers to all plantlife rather than specifically flowers. I mistakenly thought that flora meant flower in Latin, thus forming the origin of flora as a term for general plantlife, though it was actually flos. But flore, flor, fleur, etc. (words very similar to flora) all mean flower, so hopefully my error is understandable.

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