Floria, Toa of Flowers

So here is a Toa OC I made. And before anyone says anything, I asked a mod about where this should go.

Name: Floria
Pronunciation: Floor-ee-uh

Species: Matoran (formerly), Toa Metru
Gender: Female
Mask: Rau
Colors: Purple, Pink
Element: Flower

Occupation: Teacher (formerly),Toa
Tools: Flora whips
Location: Aqua Magna (formerly), Bota Magna (formerly), Spherus Magna
Status: Alive

Floria originally was a Ga-matoran named Lilium living in Ga-Metru. Although she enjoyed teaching, she often found herself raising many flowers and drawing pictures of strange plants. One day, she had a dream that told her to go to the great temple. When she arrived and walked up to the Toa Suva, a green and purple light enveloped her. She soon went unconscious and was teleported to another location.

When she woke up, she saw that she was in a vast jungle. She also discovered that she had turned purple with pink armor. After exploring a bit, she stumbled into a jungle Agori and a Toa of plant life that took her in and helped her get familiar with her new powers and abilities. It would later be revealed to her that she was on Bota Magna.

Powers and Abilities:

Floria's powers are very similar to a Toa of Plant life, but her powers are manifest as flowers and flower like plants. Floria also has the ability to create a variety of scents that each have different effects. Her Flower element also influenced her Rau allowing her to communicate with plants.

Floria as a Ga-matoran was like the others. But she had a rather notable interest in caring for plants, specifically flowers. She also had a bit of an OCD streak and her flowers were very organized. Many joked that she would turn into a flower matoran. When she became a Toa and realized what she was, Floria felt very conflicted given that she had a special element (given that is was not a normal element). But despite her self conflict, she still tries to help Agori and matoran when needed. Towards her fellow Toa, Floria respects them. But she often feels inferior to them because of her element.

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I really like this Toa. I don't think my own Toa of Fire and Water would, he kinda has a knack for killing plants... He's good against the Karzahni Plant though

I read the title expecting a MOC...cue frantically scrolling, saying "Where's the pictures?!?" smile

But yeah, this character sounds really cool! I normally wouldn't support non-canon elements, but you seem to do a good job of it!

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If there were purple and pink metru parts, I would definitely build Floria.

I could, but there isn't any purple metru parts. Plus I would want to stay true to the metru build.

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Why not try blending system and constraction? It might work.

challenge accepted

Okay fine no XP