Fluvius - Toa of the Riverlands

Brother of Poseidra, Toa of the Oceans, Fluvius guards and protects the lush and beautiful river lands of Mokoto.

He is an adept fighter both in the water and on land. His powers allow him to essentially skate on the surface of any water at incredible speeds. Also has the power to command the force of the rivers, directing them into powerful blasts and flooding his enemies.



Colour blocking on this is pretty good and I like the weapons. Just gotta ask though whats with the exposed mixel joints behind the head?

I just thought they’d add a little something to the scuba-like head.


Fair enough, I can definitely see something being put there but i can’t think what exactly right now

The photography on this is amazing. It works well with this MOC. You also made the MOC well too. The colors blend in very well. The Trans-Blue, Yellow, Silver, Grey and Azure make this look wonderful.

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Thanks Andrew! The key to good looking pics is to have bright light. I use an older iphone, and tack a piece of white cloth to the wall behind my desk for the background. Nothing fancy there. But the important thing is to have maximum daylight shining right in the window. Bright light and a contrasting background is all you need.

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Thanks for the tip. I needed advice for my photography and you provided it for me at the right time! :thumbsup: