Folder of terrible old mocs found

So I was rummaging around looking through some old photos and somehow managed to find a folder of all my awful old Mocs which range from fairly mediocre to pieces of garbage. And what better way to celebrate this occasion by sharing them with you, and possibly causing your eyes to burn at the same time.
Be prepared for the worst picture quality you’ve ever seen.

First up, the oldest photo there seemed to be this:

It was taken sometime in 2012 and all I can remember is that his name was Phantrax. A Toa I think?

With that out of the way, now we get into the more memorable stuff for me.

This is the ‘Bionicle Recon Team’ from 2013. Here we have an abomination of CCBS parts;

Makuta Cyphor, my first self-moc;

And Makuta Sawdris, otherwise known as bootleg Mutran.

Also from this year came a rather odd looking Venom made mostly from Core Hunter’s parts.

Next up are the 2014 mocs, of which there are plenty.

First, we have an updated version of Cyphor. This would be the last year of him being my self-moc.

Then we have Vorcan, an awfully built Toa of Electricity. He had these really weird claw hands that flipped around to reveal…

Weird crab pincers. Seems like an afterthought.

Then here we have Tanma but more green. Riveting.

Finally from 2014 we have a Tahnok riding a motorcycle.

Now we get into 2015, which easily has the most mocs.

First up is Photez, my current self-moc.

Complete with ‘action pose’.

Next is Orzehk, one of my favourite characters I’ve made. Unfortunately his first version is a piece of trash.

Then we have Onhorahk, who suffers from possibly the worst design choice I’ve ever made.

He physically can’t move his forearms down because I put masks on his elbows.

It’s even more noticeable here.

There was also this picture of the three of them with some musical instruments.

Here we have supposed ‘revamps’ of Turahk and Kurahk, but let’s be honest, they look like completely different characters. I do like Kurahk’s shoulderpads though.

And to go with them are remakes of Lerahk and Guurahk. These ones aren’t half as decent as the other two. Especially Lerahk’s lightning- shoulder-things and little gun, those look terrible.

There was also whatever the heck this is meant to be.

Looks like Krika and his identical twin brother got magically fused into each other.

Hey look, this one’s actually decent!

Made for my sister. It was her self-Moc, given the incredibly original and ingenious name of ‘Rahkshi’.

The last picture in the folder was some sort of mech for Cole? I like how low down the cockpit is, but the rest isn’t that great. Especially the smokestacks (?) on the back.


I think that’s all of them. There might be more so I’ll keep looking.


So many Krika. Some of them are nice - especially the rahkshi and the Krika-thing.


Tanma but more green changed me as a person


Magnificent terribility - but hey, I actually really like Photez!

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they’re far better than the stuff I made back in the day that’s for sure.


Ok, so I found a second folder. This one seems to be mostly system mocs, but there’s a few Bonkles in there.

Firstly, some sort of Stormtrooper cinema? This was made some time in 2016 I think.

It’s got a nice little ticket booth with an employee standing at it, a sliding door into the theatre…

Even a popcorn machine, apparently.

The actual interior of the theatre has no screen, but I remember that I made slots that you could put a phone into for them to watch a film.

I also found pictures of a big Hoth display that I made, complete with poorly drawn sign. I think I made this one in 2015, after just acquiring that Rebel trench set. The ‘snow’ was made from big sheets of cotton wool that I lay down.

All the microscale ships in the background were taken from the Battle of Hoth board game set and sellotaped to the top of the shelf using clear rods.

There was also this completely random picture of Spider-Man on a hang glider. I’ve have no idea when or why I took this photo.

Now we get into the constraction things.

First, we have an upgrade to Sawdris from that Bionicle Recon Team from earlier. He still definitely looks like Mutran, but at least it’s not too obvious now, I guess.

I also found this picture of an update to my sister’s self-moc. I’m hesitant to call it an upgrade because the original version was way better, but at least she had a name now, being Katuna. guess what weapon she wields


Gotta be honest - when I saw the topic title, I was expecting much worse.

That venom build (from what I can see of it, at least) is actually quite clever.

This infers you’ve made later versions - have you posted any?

I do think that’s pretty cool, actually.

This is amazing and needs to become the next big Bionicle meme:


I think he’s on his 6th version now. I never took pictures of any of his previous versions but he’s still currently assembled so I could make a topic for him?

I also just noticed that the bike that Tahnok’s riding is an actual set.


I thought for a moment I was beholding Bionicle Cryptid photos.

I was not disappointed or entirely wrong…

But Tahnok riding a Motorcycle has amazing energy, gotta say.

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They’re not all terrible. Most of the Rahkshi people look cool-I would like to see revamps of them.


I’m honestly impressed with how low quality some of these photos are.

A lot of these mocs are actually good though.


@Toa-of-Snow Alright, I took a few pictures of Orzehk’s most recent version.

Just like every version of him I’ve ever made, he glows in the dark pretty well.


That mohawk/spine looks even cooler against the black.


Some of them are actually really cool. I can see you have progressed a lot. :wink:

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That AT-AT hanging out at the edge of your diorama table is giving me anxiety.


It did actually fall off there once, but luckily the damage wasn’t too bad and I put it back again.

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Eh, I think you’re being too hard on yourself. Despite some odd choices here and there, I like them a good bit!

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