Folisk, The Eternal Lurker

Some of you might seen this name before-

(note: just like my previous moc, this photo ^ was take awhile ago, the other were taken in a different background)

Despite this not being my self-moc, this is my favorite moc I made out of the bunch.

Since this moc doesn't have legs, he need a stand to hold him up or kneel his arm back or forward.


( Notice that I change the right arm; it's not to stabilize the pose, but to cover the bottom since I only have 3 blue cocoon pieces. sorry for the cheat )

“But why did you still switch the arm if it can still stand?”


Frost Beast Face

That's pretty much it for Folisk. (I need to go indepth detail next time...)

You can have your foot back.


This MOC is pretty creepy, and yet I loved the way you built it. The purple and blue makes it feel like he's made of some mystical energy.

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I like the lag of legs, except for the practical difficulties. I can imagine that his face is frozen in that creepy smile.

Looks really good. i love the colors,especially.

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There can only be one lurker, and that is me. /s

I like the use of purple on this guy. Oh and the Frost Beast face is cool too.



Pretty cool. Not very practical but cool nonetheless.

reel cool, I like