Folk's random artworks

Hi there. This is just a quick post of my Bionicle artworks. Take this as a gallery.
Enjoy and leave your thoughts!

BTW You can now leave your requests on this page right here, in order to make this page’s comments less cluttered and to make it easier for me to see them :slight_smile:

Folk's random requests


These look phenomenal. I love how you put Pohatu’s symbol on his flail.

Oh wow! These are fantastic, and you drew them just like I like em, with lots of details. Fantastic work!


These look amazing! I love the detail you put into these!

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It was kind of a last minute decision, but since we don’t see the chest that much I thought I would put it somewhere


Amazing work! The smooth lines and detail are spot on!

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I love the style, not a huge fan of Onua, mainly because of the set itself, your art is great.


Wow dude, you’re really talented at drawing!

Looks at drawings I’ve done

I regret life…


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Very nice job!
The detail looks great!
I feel you put more time into Onua, as in Pohatu some of the lines look kinda rushed.
Both look awesome, though!

These are great!

Onua is spectacular, but I think Pohatu looks a bit disproportionate.

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Let’s just say I put a lot of effort towards onua

These are incredible, I love them.

Woah! It looks like coloring book art. This is awesome!

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It actually does!

Feel free to color them if you have photoshop :slight_smile:

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I wish. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If anyone has suggestions for artworks, remember to post them! I update at pretty random points. I can even draw your mocs if they are on the message boards already.

Exx…is that you?


Actually Exx’s drawing is what led me to do this :slight_smile:

BTW some of my drawings are starting to disappear on my screen. Can you tell me if you can see the onua, you don’t peel a car, one punch man Mata nui, Mnog Makuta, Angsty pink and lord Tuma drawings? thanks