Folk's random requests

Could you draw Looch

wielding the flamberge from Dark Souls


Left hand heats up and glows.

Sword blade does the same.

On it!

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please do my self MOC Origan :0 ???

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@Kirk @looch How about a fight between your mocs?

Well, I have arrived, and I humbly request for you to draw NEXUS!!!

(Pictures at the link)

@Folk: did you see this?

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sounds cool @Folk but we know i will win cause im the God of Death lolz hehehe



What’s up?

i was replying to

Oh yeah.
I guess we’ll see about that

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'cause anime logic will clearly be in @Looch 's favor.

why is it ? @Sammythekat

Because anime logic.

More specifically because self proclaimed gods usually get smashed by some story powerup.

Yo @Folk.

Not to be a pain.

Really, sorry in advance mate.

But is Salazar done :b?

Na dude you’re not a pain, you’ve been the client that had to wait the longest so far…

Not gonna lie, I usually struggle with humans as a whole, but Orcs? Almost every single drawing I’ve done just didn’t feel right and the face never looked proper. SO yeah, I kinda failed… Should I have told you earlier?

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I had already seen your message dude

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It’s ok man! :smile:

Though, could you make this one?

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