Folly of the Toa: Comic-ish things

So, before this 'Folly of the Toa' thing turned into me writing a whole story, I planned to do a series of pictures like these; cartoon shorts that showed where the Toa were at in their own mind. Now that I'm working on a written story instead, I doubt I'll ever finish these, but I figured that the two I did get done would be worth posting anyways.

note: open the pictures in a separate tab/window to zoom in and make the text readable.

I probably won't make more of these for a while, since writing the chapters takes up pretty much all of my free time, but I hope you enjoyed them.


More Dark than the literature

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Dang this is depressing.


The literature has yet to get to Pohatu :wink:


I also wonder what the name of the booze Pohatu is drinking called?

I'll think of that when I get there, probably.

wow this brings out some serious emotions

Well, that's really poetic.

Obviously it's Koronan.


'Koronan'... does that appear in a book somewhere, or is it a play on words?

It's a reference to MNOG with Meso. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hm... I might not have paid as much attention to that as I should have, then. :smile: Though I do seem to recall one "Kamen, Master of Ramen..." but that was MNOG II.

Dude, these...
You need to finish these.

Wow, these are great! And depressing. Sometimes that's good though, like right now.
I hope you continue with these.

These are really somber. I really like how far this idea has come, can you beleive this all started from a comment on a Gali picture?

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This is quite intriguing, really. It's poetry in of itself.

I'm still kind of amazed by that, really. I wonder what @thefallenfell thinks of this, what their picture inadvertently started :smile:


that is depressing...

and scary.

This was quite sad
But it was still Good