Folly of the Toa Sketches

I like to spent lots of time sketching in class rather than take notes, and I figured some of them were good enough to share.

Top to bottom, left to right:
* Lis, Toa of Psionics. First person in 8,000 years to see Kopaka.
* Jaller, Toa Mahri of Fire and captain of the New Atero Guard.
* Macku, Ga-Matoran. Provides boat tours of half-sunken Mata Nui robot. Lives with and takes care of several Toa.
* Hahli, Toa Mahri of Water and news reporter. Has significantly altered body since Reformation.
* Hewkii, Toa Mahri of Stone, current kolhii champion.
* Kopaka, Toa Nuva of Ice, lone mountain wanderer and astronomer. Returns to civilization for repairs.
* Pohatu, Toa Nuva of Stone and former kolhii star. Retired due to catastrophic injury.

DA link that allows zooming in to full-size picture:


Nice, I particularly like Lis' design. The armor design is recognizable as a Toa but it still looks different than what we've seen before.

Like @Triple said, I really like how you drew Lis.

I really like the style. Very realistic with a nice, original spin.

Thanks all!

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these are quite good.

Two more from classes today:

I'm not quite as satisfied with the masks on these; both the Garai and Kaukau Nuva are difficult masks to get right, good as they might look in plastic.

Left: Hewkii, Toa Mahri of Stone and Kolhii star. Coaches and plays on various Kolhii teams, lives with Jaller, Hahli, Macku, and Gali. More amiable and arguably level-headed than any of them, Hewkii frequently ends up being the voice of reason in their arguments.
Right: Gali Nuva, Toa Nuva of Water. Has developed depression issues since the Toa Nuva broke up, which have manifested into a serious weight problem. Generally listless and despondent, except when concern for her former brothers comes into play.



That fat gali looks lil bit too fat....


It's more or less how I imagined her looking while I was writing the story, but yeah, it is quite extreme. Gali's not just 'chubby' or something; she's at a point where her weight could kill her, which is part of Hahli and Macku's concern. It also makes doing pretty much anything an exhausting endeavor for her, which only contributes to her already despondent and listless mental state. It's not a happy story.

Just wait 'till it gets to Pohatu, though...


I see him being an alcoholic.

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OK, while Gali's sketch is cool and all, I feel like I'm in DeviantArt's inflation/obesity fetish section. Don't be a photomanipulator, Scorp.

(Still cool and all, tho.)


Oh god, don't remind me XD

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Rest assured, I find the idea alone to be revolting...


To be fully honest, i do indeed like your sketch of Gali here. Would you mind if i maybe used it as a reference for my own Gali drawings? I wouldn't use it for anything sexual or any fetish stuff, just for fun that's all.

Sure, go ahead.

Well I was just wondering what a fat Toa would look like but now I am super sad

[Hides in corner]

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How have I not seen these? I read the entire story while it was being made! Agghhh! I miss to much stuff!

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