Fortis, my Self-MOC

My Self-MOC, and the appearence of my character Fortis in @Nyran's RP.


I like the legs, though from the side they dont look very good
the body on the other hand, needs improvement, as it is very skinny, and looks fairly akward
the arms are okay, except for that random gold piece, it looks out of place
the back needs more armour, because it looks pretty unfinished to me
Overall, I like the moc, its nice, good job, I would suggest trying out a custom build for the lower legs though

The gold on the armor is for story reasons.

I'll consider everything else though

He's very thin and spindly. Which if that's the look you're going for, I would slim down the legs a bit. Otherwise bulk him up a little.

Also the mask does stand out quite a bit compared to the rest of him.

Upper legs could use some work. Neat weapons though!

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As you can see, I changed the arms and legs completely, and slightly modified the chest to accept the new arms.

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Now, onto my criticism of this one!
Using technic liftarms as armour- every moccer does this at one point in there there moccer lives, and it, to be frank looks extremely bad

Grey isnt spread around very well- there is only grey on the legs, and the feet, it looks very colourscheme breaking

Very, Very skinny torso - I understand that you might want it this way, but it is so very very akward compared to the mask, arms and legs, but just add a little more armour..

Random technic liftarms jutting out of the legs - what are these things purpose? are they story related? They look fairly akward

Picture quality - Yes I understand that you probably dont have a good camera, but the least you could do is some proper lighting and if you have spare change, invest in a camera

All in all, I like it, I look forward to seeing the next version