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The vahki continues firing disks, flinging every disk it has barring Reconstitute at random at the packs. It moved at top speed on it’s four legs. Eventually, eventually, the wolves would move on to easier prey. If any wolves approached too close, the vahki attempted to kick it with it’s foot as it ran. The Vahki made sure to take more treacherous terrain, it’s mechanical systems more sure-footed than the Kavinika’s lupine gait.

Halmos shuffled along, content to follow whichever path Lync took, as long as it didn’t involve some gigantic hurdle of athletic stunt… Or anything requiring both hands.

I really hope one of these things is rations.

“AAAHHH!!! Those things, th- they’re climbing up here! Quick, Tar! Think! Think!!” He vigorously swings his head side to side, looking for anything to hold back the kavinika. A canister from his bag catches his eye as it rolls across the floor. He then drops the sphere and canister in his hands, both items roll. An idea hit him, “Rolling. Canister. No, wait. Sphere, that’s it! The pods!!”

Vergil takes the few remaining seconds she has to gesture with both hands toward the retreating figures of Lync and Halmos. “They’re leaving. Follow. Now.”

She takes the time after speaking to sprint like a someone possessed out of the center, following hotly after Halmos and Lync.


“I have a bad feeling about this… I think we should go back to help the matoran in the lighthouse… somehow.”

Pakiki hesitates for a second, but then decides to follows Vergil.

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After a few moments Halmos was certain he heard a clink-clink-clink behind them. Debating for a few moments as to whether or not he should turn around, he jumped at the sight of Vergil running top speed after them, and on a path to collide with them in less than ten seconds.

“Do you mind if we pretend to head back?” He murmured to Lync. “It’d help our case.”

Kibal looks down toward the wolf creature below him and notices the spinner was starting to glow, knowing that it was going to fire soon, he tried to think of something but failed, he grumbles “oh mata nui help me” he then looked upward, as if wanting to see something, and he did, a very sharp branch, he snapped it of and muttered “its now or never”, he jumped of the tree and down towards the creature making sure he landing right in front of it, which he did, that was good now he really hoped he would get lucky, and with that he brought the sharp brunch down, right into the Kavinika head and through it’s skull “now let’s hope that stops it for making more”[quote=“1000Purse30, post:386, topic:56667”]
that’s it! The pods
Derk looks towards the ta matoran “I don’t really understand what your think/talking about Tar, but I hope it ever works”

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IC: “Roll the pods down the window! Crush them all!”

“I can see/view this going ever wrong” derk sighed (he sighed not because he was worried but because he wasn’t happy about doing work were it would involve him doing stuff) he reluctantly walked over to one of the pods to move it, he tried to pick it up, but when his hands just slid off it, he tried pushing it, but he found it was rather a little bit too heavy to push “er ah tar! they kinda heavy, I think there’s stuff in them” Derk called out to the ta matoran

“Well then how about this one? This one’s already open,” he approaches another pod. “Quick! There isn’t much time!” He tries to push the pod, but he certainly couldn’t move it himself.

“Huh?” Lync glances at Halmos. “I’m gonna climb something. Try not to die, I guess.” She takes a step back, getting a running start and running up a nearby wall, pulling herself onto the roof. From there she crosses from building to building, trying to find a high vantage point from which she can survey her surroundings.

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“Ugh, let me help you with that” Derk grunts to Tar as he walks over to the pod, meanwhile outside kibal is on the ground, he looks over to the other buildings noticing one a air matoran, one of the ones who ditched him before he calls out to them “hey do you think you will be safe up there from the creatures?”

“Are you-”

Lync darts up the building with absolute ease. Halmos is left on the unfortunate ground level with absolutely no excuse not to talk to the incoming Vergil.

“-serious.” He slowly turned to Vergil. “Uh, finally decided to show up?”

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With Derk’s help, they roll the empty pod to the window frame. “Well, Derk, here goes nothing…” The pod rolls down the side of the lighthouse, into the kavinika’s path.

Gatora slowly yawned as her pod opened up. She pushed it open a little more mumbling something incoherently and stumbled out.

The pink matoran stretched a little as her eyes adjusted to her new surroundings. She frowned a little, “Wha?” Then she heard the scratching of claws on broken glass. She took a deep breath and then felt her launcher on her back. Gatora clumsily took it down and loaded a Ko-Metru disk of Reconstitutes at Random into it and pointed it at the window.

Vergil’s eyes are wide and she’s breathing heavily from exertion. “Weldvo, Voyo…and one other, they’re still back there. I told them to follow. Don’t know if they listened.”

She glances up at Lync. “…where are we going?”


Halmos huffed slightly in irritation. He opened his mouth to comment, but realized any negative thing he could think of would only make her mad about not caring for others or some sentimental junk.

“Away.” Halmos grumbled, adjusting his pile of resources. “Anywhere but here. Don’t know what she can see from up there, but I’ll wager it’s prettier than this.”

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“So we’re practicing for cross-country now, lovely,” Says Weldvo with a huff, stuffing everything that he had back into his bag, which was now over-stuffed. When he reached the wall, he pulled out his firestaff and started to make small holes in the wall that could be used for climbing grips, which he will immediately scale as soon as he is done.

The Proto Drake, which has been watching the nearby events unfold from the shadows on a nearby building, sees Lync appear on the rooftops. Noticing this, and thinking that the matoran is alone, it stealthily and slowly moves from its position to get closer to Lync, trying to avoid drawing attention from the two rahi groups that were trying to kill each other.

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As the Vahki increases its speed, it is starting to become more difficult to navigate through the web covered city. Though the same also applies to the wolves and three of them manage to get stuck. Their cries could be heard only for a moment before silenced by the life stealers. Which now started to become the real problem, both for Vahki and wolves alike.

One that get close did get kicked, its new duplicates knocking into the others close by and putting distance between them and the machine. At least two more get froze while three are teleported randomly away. But when the wolves start to hear an all too dangerous hum, they finally stop their chase and break away.

Should the Vahki look back, it can see several them just suddenly dropping and being pulled away into darkness. If it looks a the webs around, they were all slightly moving.


Kibal finds that when he tries to fall onto the Kavinika, it just takes a small jump back and lets the Matoran land. It swiftly flings the spinner at the now very, very close Matoran and pounces soon after, assuming its prey would already be cubed.


The duo pod pushers manage to strike two of the wolves by tossing the pod down the window. Unfortunately, the pod simply wasn’t large enough to hit the others and have now made it up to the window frame. They pounce at the two Matoran.

If Gatora can aim well, she could probably shoot them.

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Provided Voyo is watching the events outside, the Hapaka’s spinners manage to strike at least four of the Kavinika. Their ears are filled with constant and piercing barking, causing their vision and hearing to become disoriented. Yet it also seems to be driving all four off to the same place, a herding bark. They run off down a dark alleyway and are silenced.

The other two, however, avoid the spinners. Returning with vengeance, they fling their own spinners and strike one of the Hapaka. Two closest to the one struck and forcibly pulled together and fused into a nicely condensed cube. The remaining three intercept one of the Kavinika, breaking to a fight of tusk bashing and claw swiping.

Yet in their contest, the last of the wolves gets past them and goes straight for Voyo. And the final guests to the party arrive, unseen by most, except those high up. Three Boggarak climb atop the the feeding center, two sneaking into the facility in the north entrances while the third watches the dog fight.


Lync finds this easy enough. If she was brave, she might even consider using the webs connecting the buildings to get higher easier. Though regardless, she can go quite high thanks to the towering buildings they’re now starting to encounter. Ga-Metru may not go into the heavens like the Ko-Matoran tried in their city, but they still brush up against the sky.

But from on high, Lync can see quite a lot. Like the spiders back at the feeding center, if she looked behind herself. Though immediately across she can see the primary chute leading into the heart of Metru Nui. Or at least what was left of it, broken and shattered as it was. To the north further away was a massive building, the center of Ga-Metru itself. And if anyone could remember, it wasn’t much further northwest from that to the Fountains of Wisdom. Though webs were everywhere and fleeting shadows of moment suggested monsters.

Looking south wielded nothing other than dread, the thick jungle of webs in the distance and the coliseum blanked in the red sun’s glow. Occasionally she can make out something moving in that direction, but what they were was hard to tell. All too far away to worry about.

Though looking at the east again, past the chute Lync could see a building. It may have been small at this distance, but it surely must be great in size to be seen all the way from here. A domed building with spires sitting out in the water all by itself. While it was harder to make out, it appeared that the only way into that place may be a bridge. Could be a highly defensible place or trapped on all sides by sea monsters. Who knows?

As for immediate dangers around them, everything seemed concentrated back towards the feeding center and lighthouse area. Other creatures were about not far from their position, but they didn’t seem to be actively after them. At least not yet.

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Luckily aim wasn’t something that was needed the most with a Ko-Metru disk. She lifted the launcher and aimed for the disk to ricochet off one of the wolve’s faces and smash into the other’s neck. She stepped backwards with a grunt as she did so.