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Voyo gets off of the ground and starts running towards the direction of po-koro. “I don’t know where I’m going, but I know that I’m out of here!”

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“Derk!!” he cries. Tar rushes to pull Derk into the feeding center and out of danger. “Hold on, Derk. I’ll get you to safety.” He turns his head to the fleeing Voyo. “Hey, wait! We have to stick together!”

“He’s going to get himself killed” derk mutters under his breath “should we go after him?” Derk asks tar

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Pakiki turns around and sees the proto drake. It seemed to be attacking the chute lurkers, so Pakiki decided to not be hostile towards it. The beast looked vaguely familiar, so despite the ongoing battle Pakiki hides behind his shield and hastily flips through his guidebook, looking for any information about the rahi that could be helpful.

Weldvo regains his footing thanks to Lync and moves forward a few feet. He then takes out a spear and chucks it at the lurker the moved up of the right with all of his might, hopefully aiming for a soft spot on its side

The Proto drake swiftly ducks underneath the attacks of the Chute Lurker in front of him. During this he readies his bladed tail, and strikes the chute lurker with a sudden flick of his tail at the base of its aim. He does so right after dodging one of the Chute lurkers blows, hoping to use the opening of the counter attack would server the arm.

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The Vahki’s mechanical brain processed the trajectory of the rhotuka, and attempts to jump cleanly through the blades of the spinner.

If it succeeded, it would tumble into a roll, before jumping back onto it’s feet.

Vergil avoids the Rhotuka heading for her, striking the broken street. At the same time, Halmos successfully strikes his incoming Rhotuka with the knife. Perhaps Halmos would have been glad that the knife neither collapsed nor turned into a spider, until the mutant Chute Lurker was suddenly come barreling towards him. In a blink, the knife forcibly tried to rend itself out of Halmos’s grip and fly towards the monster while the monster was pulled towards Vergil’s old spot.

Lync and Weldvo make it to Pakiki’s spot on the bridge and can easily pass him by if they choose. However, Weldvo’s spear throw just misses as the monster suddenly moves incredibly fast and is almost on top of Halmos. Thanks to where the spear lands though, while behind the monster, is within range for Vergil and grab and use.

If Pakiki is looking for information on the Proto Drake, he can probably find it. Any information on it there should prove accurate to the creature. Though if looking for the Chute Lurkers, there wasn’t much other than warnings of their territory being in Chutes. What were chutes? Pakiki didn’t know, but it was likely the thing above. Other than their grab and hiding around corners, it didn’t mention any powers.

Though Pakiki didn’t have much time, nor did Lync and Weldvo if they remained on the bridge. The one that was teleported previous has regained its sense of location. Its arms reach up and grab onto the side of the bridge, giving itself a pulling jump to get back on top to face the Matoran again.

As for the Proto Drake, it strikes the Lurker with the tail and it screams, but the arm is not severed. It keeps the injured arm back while reaching out with the other one, attempting to grab the Proto Drake’s tail.

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The most direct way to Po-Koro was, funnily enough, back towards the lighthouse. The stone city was just across the channel, so if Voyo planned on swimming there that was technically an option. Though if he meant to get there by land, he would be heading down towards the coliseum. No other creatures attack him yet.

Tar manages to get to Derk as the Vahki distracts the Rahi. And while he is able to pull him into the feeding center, they are far from safe. If Derk was laying on his back while being pulled in, he might be able to notice another giant spider on the ceiling. A second was also inside, but even looking up could not be seen yet as it was further in the building. Its Rhotuka starts charging to fire on the Matoran.

Though for the Vahki, it wasn’t going great. The rotation of the spinner was faster than the Vahki could travel through and took full force of its power. As before, its vision became clouded and hearing filled with shrieks trying to force it to go in another direction. Which seemed to be towards the same direction they had forced some of the wolves to go previously. But to ensure it does this time, the giant Hapaka now does a direct charge at the Vahki to bash it with its tusks.

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The knife would’ve had a very hard time escaping the trained grip of a master combatant, but Halmos was nervous. Dropping the knife, he ran - or more accurately shuffled - over to the side as quickly as he could, hoping he could avoid the chute lurker slamming into him and spilling everything he was carrying.

Stupid everything and stupid giant bloated death monster and stupid stinky water and why am I even alive why couldn’t I wait another millennia or something

Ok, I give up. What is a Millennia?

Derk wanting to rest from what he could remember (which wasn’t even that much) was the worst day of his life got down on to his back, he immediately scurried backwards, to where tar had gone “problem! Big one! Tar!” He called out to tar

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kibal, still in amazement of what had happened to him, continued to stare down into the pool of liquid, slowly trying to get used to himself. When he had had enough of looking at his new form he looked up and scanned the room, trying to see anyway out that didn’t mean he had to backtrack

The Vahki, too addled by the voices, takes the full brunt of the blow, tumbling end over end. The falling knocked it’s upper arm joint out of alignment, locking it in a neutral position. It looked around worriedly for the matoran it so desperately wanted to protect. if it was going to be deactivated it’ll be deactivated defending the innocent.

IC: Blindly stumbling upright, Vergil grabs the spear as it lands near to her. She turns, almost trips over the ground, and steadies herself just enough to raise the weapon and stab toward the Lurker menacing Halmos.

Coming to the realization that he might have just made a fatal mistake, Tar slowly looks up to see the visorak charging its spinner. “spi- spi- SPIDER!!” Fear ran down his spine and he soon felt a subtle rush of energy. He wastes no time to grab Derk by the legs and hastily dragged him back out of the feeding center. As he fled, he made sure to not get in the way of the Vahki.