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You can check the BS01 article on the Rahi, but it does state that, “The Kavinika’s defenses are its sharp teeth and claws. With its claws, the Kavinika can climb buildings to hide.”

I will agree that visually, it doesn’t seem likely, but that’s how they’re described. And yes, they have been mutated by the Visorak’s venom, so some added differences physically as well.

As for how to defeat the wolves, I’ll leave that up for the rest of you to find out.

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What would the effect of hitting a rhotuka spinner when it’s just about to fire would that cause the firer of it to get the effects of the rhotuka spinner?

Ok so while I’m not the GM I don’t think a sharp treebranch is going to do anything against a charging mutant super-wolf with a metal skull

IMO ofc, ajtazt might have a similar opinion

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These are Bionicle trees they are probably different from our trees, and the Kavinika would have gaps in its armour, so well that’s my lame excuse for how that worked (I was going to use his carving tool but those things are way to small to penetrate a skull)

@Cordax Is Voyo going to do anything this turn?


@ajtazt where does Voyo teleport to when he’s hit with the teleport disk?\

@ajtazt, again, where does Voyo teleport to when he is hit with the teleport disk?

@ajtazt, please tell me where Voyo is teleported to.

Chill my dude, yesterday was a holiday. I was celebrating. Though you have an answer now.

Edit for addressing RP moves:

Hey @Eilrach, just for clarification regarding your actions with Kibal, does he make any attempt to avoid the Rhotuka spinner?


Well, I was hopping that his actions would confuse the wolf or slow it from firing the rhotuka spinner, how long do I have before it fires? And question about how disks work could someone, derk, hold the disk and push it into the wolf, kinda like what they do in Tron Legacy?

He already fired it, it’s coming at Kibal. And no, pushing a disk into something would not activate their power. Kanoka need a certain level of momentum in order to activate. Simply shoving it into them would not be enough.

Dang it, sigh, I guess he will die, at lest I’ve still got derk

Well I’m glad you like my descriptions. Though regarding my roleplaying, do you have any suggestions or particular areas you think I should be looking into for improvement? Or at least what areas you have discrepancies with it, I can’t improve in a vacuum. If you’re willing to provide such input, feel free to leave it here or send me a PM.

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I’m going to reserve my thoughts for a little while longer, I want to see how this next bit is going to play out