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Hey @Ghid when do you think you will introduce eldos?

maybe after everyone isn’t getting violently killed i dunno

Good point

The question is will your character be alive when he meets Gatora?


Good question.

@ajtazt how many floors does the lighthouse have?

At least a couple, but nothing of note in them to worth searching. Though it wouldn’t take much time to get to the bottom…Or evidently if you’re Voyo, you can somehow teleport between the top and bottom without much effort.


he is more powerful than we can possibly imagine


I mean if kapura can do it why can’t he. :stuck_out_tongue:

because kapura could actually win a fight instead of throwing half his discs into the ocean


Could you reply sometime soon if you please.

Sorry I’ve been away for a week on holiday

making the best of not being in lockdown :stuck_out_tongue:


@Atobe_Brick @Spawner

Please respond to the last RP post concerning your characters or let me know if you are not going to reply. If I do not hear anything by this Friday (1/15/2021) by 4:00 PM EST I will be moving that section of the game forward.

I know the last post I made regarding the group your characters are in was during the holiday season and accounted for delays in replies. However, I find that a more than suitable amount of time as passed and a response should have been given by now.

@ProfSrlojohn If you could also give a reply so I can move that section forward as well, it would be appreciated. Otherwise, I will also push it on this Friday as well.

Apologies for the delay. I’ve now replied.

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