FrankenDoxs monster

A spider thing that I guess is a bounty hunter. It was inspired by and was going to look like this:

But as you can see it turned into something quite different. The change occurred when I decided to put the head on the tail. I guess that’s it. C&C are always welcome.

Can you guess what the biggest problem with this thing is? No? Then I’ll show you:


Pretty kewl.

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Putting the images on Flickr and downloading them and then putting them on here worked for me

As for the MOC, it looks weird but I like it. It does look a bit like a Takadox revamp (in some ways), but probably only because of the Takadox head.

Still, I like it.

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Yeah it kinda does. but that is not intentional. And thanks.

Also i don’t have Flickr

mods can fix it

anyway, moc looks pretty cool, I dont like that the tail has red eyes

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That’s no tail. That is the head.

say whaaat

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Yeah. It was going to be a regular scorpion but then i got the briliant idea to put the head on the tail.


Don’t see it, maybe my untrained eyes are the problem,
Anyways cool moc, tho the head on the tail is a little strange.

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he is VERY heavy and can bearly stand. Thanks

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i like

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i like that you like

The moc is Suprisingly well done, though the pictures could be better.

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This is neat; reminds me of the droideka and Collicoids from Star Wars.

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Nice! The takadox head looks a little weird

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@SteampunkTahu Thanks. And yes the pictures are not the best.

@jayzor17 Thank you

@RogueToa Weird how?

Kinda looks like takadox just put his head on this moc. Not to say that it weakens the moc in anyway, but it looks like head transplant.

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I see what you mean. And i think i just got a name for it because of that. Thanks.

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Looks pretty good. I like it.

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Thanks. I actually intend on making something like this for all the baraki heads. Got any suggestions for other animals i can use?