Free Skull-Spiders for TTV

I'm not sure what category this goes to, but oh well.
Free skull-spiders for the TTV cast. Don't know how this works, but if @IllustriousVar @Eljay @Venom @TakumaNuva @Viper @Kahi or anyone else from TTV wants these guys, let me know. They need a new owner.

"We need a new owner!"-Blue Skull Spider to the far left.
I've included LoSS as well.


Well, if you want the cast to see this immediately, you have to tag them.
@IllustriousVar @Mesonak @Eljay @Kahi @Venom @Viper @TakumaNuva @exxtrooper


why are you giving them away?

@Booster_Gold Thanks for the tip!

@Xevins I'm bored of them and I'm not really interested in spiders unless they're visorak. "Spiders! A huge legion of spiders!" 12 is too many for me.

I'm getting too old for this stuff in my opinion. Or I guess, too much nostalgia

@Kahi Alright, but I'm not sure how these sale things work. LoSS is also included with the gold skull spider mask.

@Venom LoSS it is. But how do I deliver these guys? Because I've never done this kind of stuff except when I gave away my 100 Bionicle collection to kids. But that was in person though.


oh I like having legions of minions.

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I will volunteer as tribute, if no one else needs them for something.


I appreciate the offer, but I have buckets full of these things, don't think I need any more XD


I'll take LoSS if that's cool.

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Agh, Mata Nui, I don't know how to give these away. I feel dumb know. I don't have eBay or anything like that. Do I just put the toys in a box and label it to deliver to you guys? @Venom @Kahi

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Basically. There's a certain way to write down addresses and such though. A quick google search should show you how to do it. Also, be prepared to pay for shipping.


@Venom Darn. This is complicated. I looked up UPS method and others, but I don't have a printer to print for the address/delivery or a computer as well, only iPad/iPhone. Does this mean this topic will be closed? Should I just hold on to these sets?
Sorry about this. disappointed


Looks like you might as well hang on to them, it might be more trouble than it's worth for you to try figuring it out. Maybe you could make a cool skull spider moc!


Alright then. I made a Skull Scorpio MOC posted in the message boards. That's...close to a Skull Spider lol just...barely. But it's labeled as "Scorpion MOC with Claw and Tail function" If you need photos of the MOC, I can post them. They're at the end of the video. But you'll probably be bored with the video XD
Also, I can't link the topic since I'm villager level, I think.
MOD Squad, do your thing.


I am flattered by the offer but I have plenty of these already, and my storage space isnt the best, but thank you, regardless. : )


Actually, you can always use a Skull Spider mask to put on your MOCs as armory. I suggest you do so, as if the wearer has them because he killed many of them.
Also, LoSS has good parts for usage.

It's funny: I actually want more of these. I've been buying extras of the sets for not only parts, but for the Skull Spiders.


If you want them to day their thing, you have to tag them:
@Political_Slime @John_Smith @legomaster1378 @MT_Zehvor @Chronicler @Indigogeek @Waj @Starparu. It feels funny to tag Slime, John and legomaster to close a topic.


Woot, first time I got to do that! stuck_out_tongue


You did it! You saved the world! smile