Free To Play Games (Community Gaming)

Find awesome free to play games that everyone or at least a group of us can play, I’ve noticed that their are a lot of separate gaming forums, so I made this overall one. You simply put a game down like

Project Reality

Then explain it,

Project Reality; it’s like battlefield 2 but free and has massive servers. Players there take it slightly seriously, like if actual combat warfare, but I like it. Gonna pick it up as soon as my new computer headset gets here.

Then ask for some of us to join. Like 7 and get together like via Skype or Drrchat and decide when you’ll all play.

Free to play’s are awesome games, that are even better with friends or at least a small group of people turning into friends.

I am not a Master so I REALLY REALLY REALLY HOPE this doesn’t count as ‘recruiting’ or any of that, cause that’ll just… Suck. I just want people here to get closer together through gaming from the community.

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He was describing an F2P game.
Which he established as the whole point of this topic…

Anyways, I like TF2, Warframe, and Unturned.
Won’t go into detail on them unless someone wants me to, but they’re all pretty fun games.


A really great game me and my friends found is UberStrike. Not sure if it’s only on Steam though.

Like Takua, I too won’t go into detail about the game.

What do you play Warframe on?

Pirated games are pretty illegal games to play, but can’t you also play them for free?

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You heard it here folks. TTV advocates piracy.

#/s not really.

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Technically yes, but I believe the discussion of this topic refers to games that are naturally and legally free.

I play TF2, and a few free apps on my phone, like Trivy or Fortress Fury.


One of my favorite free to play games is super smash flash 2.

I don’t have a 3ds or any console video games, so that’s the closest I can get to smash bros.

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The game GRAV is now free to play on Steam for the next 42 hours. However, once those 42 hours are up, the game will no longer be playable unless bought.

Don’t really play a lot of free to play games, the only one I have played extensively and still play on a regular basis is Ace Combat Infinity. It’s pretty fun actually, although I have a strong dislike for it’s microtransactions.

Some time ago I did play several free to play iOS games just to pass time, but don’t really play them these days as they got progressively more about pay to win.

I’m gonna have to past on that one

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Another great ftp game is War Thunder. Again, not sure if it’s only on Steam but it’s worth it.

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Do you play?

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Yeah, I do.