From a Distant Past... (BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard, Part 2)

–The Toa Hagah–

+the first image is the submission, the second is supplementary
+the submission image has been updated slightly


Now this is what I’ve been waiting for.


Return of the King.

Your stunning 3D craftsmanship never fails to amaze me. It’s frustrating. God I hope all your work goes down in Bionicle history as no less than legendary.


Norik and Iruini are the true MVPs here.


This is stunning. Big fan of this style. Plus it has the 6/1 split. You’ve got my vote for certain. Also tiny Norik and distant Iruini made me chuckle more than it should so bonus points for that.


Curse you, Galva. I wasn’t a fan of the 6/1 split. Now I have to eat a hat…


I wasnt either at first tbh, but the more ive been seeing it used the more this squad is really growing on me


WOAH this is incredible!

This is getting my vote. just wish pouks was pink


Wow, it looks amazing. It make me reconsider if I should go with a 6/1 split. For a moment I though you have forgotten Norik. How do you make your art?
I don’t know if will be problematic the fact that you don’t show Bomonga’s spear tip and shield (although the shield peeks out in the right).

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could be an issue, but it really would have screwed with the composition of the piece, so i’d rather not try and force them into frame.

I made the supplementary group shot just to make sure everything on the models is made visible, so hopefully thats enough for ttv. If not i can always try and make adjustments


The lighting in this piece is rather difficult. Since it was digitally modeled/rendered, I would highly recommend a reshoot to make the three closest Hagah a bit more visible. Off-center Bomonga is a bit distracting, and the Hagah look randomly placed throughout the piece and not well-coordinated. Iruini is barely discernale as a miniature silhouette and it took me a good ten minutes to find Norik; at first glance he appears to be random highlights on the ground.

But these models are drop dead gorgeous.

You fix the issues with the lighting and posing and you will win the contest. No questions asked, hands-down.

yeah it is difficult to light a full scene of characters in 3d. i might try and make adjustments if i have the time.

as far as the composition is concerned I’m pretty pleased with it. i spent a lot of time moving characters around to get everyone placed just where i wanted them. it’s certainly an odd layout but I like the way it looks.

and Norik and Iruini were intentionally given less attention than the actual focus of the contest. I thought it was fun to make them almost like “easter eggs” for the image. and since Bomonga is displaying his mask power I thought it was only fair that Norik was able to as well.


It might help to make Norik actually strike the Rahkshi to draw more attention to his placement, but otherwise it’s mostly a matter of scooting characters around a little bit.

Maybe like this. 'Course this is just my opinion and likely there’d be some different recommendations from someone else, but none of this is to detract from the stunning work you’ve accomplished here. You’re the first person to really sell metallic green Bomonga in the art portion, and copper Gaaki looks splendid as well.

Utterly fantastic work overall.

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Nice work! While I’d rather have a 2/2/2 color distribution, I’d be perfectly okay if this became canon (and Kualus is still metallic blue, so that’s a plus).

The colors are the only thing I have a problem with but that’s just me. Very good artwork here.

I love the mask you made for Gaaki! It’s awesome to see mask based on parts like the Kualsi, Rode, Mask of Psychometry, etc.


Wow! Pretty nice art! I especially love the design for Gaaki’s mask!

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Seeing as there probably won’t be any art pieces with a 3/3 split, this will get my Vote.
Mainly because I love how it looks. And another reason is Gaaki‘s mask as it looks perfect.

I really like the 2nd pic, but the 1st is too dark to see everything clearly