From the files of the Order of Mata Nui (Community project-type thing)

So, I had this idea where you write a bio for one of your OCs as a canon Order member. You include all pertinent details and such with the personality and intonations of one of them, like, in my examples, Axonn and Ancient.

first off:
Name: Tarfa

Species: Matoran
Element: Air
A particularly troubled Matoran, Tarfa was reportedly responsible for multiple deaths. His Turaga got desperate. Desperate Turaga call the Dark Hunters. My "lord" the Shadowed One sent me. Why he bothered getting involved I have no clue (see full details of this incident in my last report from Destral), but nevertheless, I was dispatched. The mission was simple. Subdue Tarfa. It was painfully obvious the poor thing was innocent, but I'm not paid to decide these things. So I completed my mission. Tarfa was shipped off for repairs, and I got paid*.
Equipment: Last I saw he wore a powerless Huna.
Accessories: a silver cloak.
Status: unknown, but not a threat to the Order
Threat Level: none
*The murders resumed of course, and The Shadowed One sent Airwatcher to deal with it. I stopped by that island again recently. Airwatcher was successful in his mission. I assume at least. I imagine it's hard to kill anyone when you and everyone else on the island is dead.

Name: Vojak

Species: Matoran/Toa

Element: Iron

As a Matoran, Vojak was a weapons maker on the island of Payk Nui. He became a Toa when the Visorak invaded the island. While he was able to avoid capture, he was helpless to prevent the rest of his island's inhabitants from being trapped or slain by the spiders. Since then, he's travelled the universe, helping out where he can.

Vojak doesn't carry ordinary weapons. Instead, he carries a sizable amount of liquid iron in his armor. He can use his elemental power to manipulate this liquid into any weapon he chooses, although he prefers a long jagged sword. Other popular choices are a pistol and shotgun. His mask is a Kanohi Garus, the Mask of Empathy. It allows him to draw strength from those who believe in him. However, it drains his power if they doubt him. This secondary power would normally not matter, as most Toa are part of a team that believes in them, but since Vojak has no team, he doesn't have that support. This brings us to Bleep. Bleep is designed to transport materials from one end of a workshop to another. When the island of Payk Nui was destroyed, Vojak took the little fellow with him.

Vojak has carved several pieces of his armor into ornate sculptures of skulls. His exact reason for doing so is unclear, but it is believed to have something to do with his failure as a hero costing the lives of all he knew. Possesses a small watercraft for traversing the ocean.

Status: Wandering. Has passed dangerously close to Daxia on multiple occasions. I highly recommend stationing someone to monitor his movements following my reassignment to Voya Nui. Last seen journeying deep into the Southern Continent.

Threat level: Moderate


Please feel free to make your own and post them here!


Inspired by tron, hence the disks
Name: Koja(V1.0, he's still a WIP. gotta fix the torso before I start adding any system or anything.)

Toa of Ice
History: Originally one of the best Akilini players in all of Metru Nui, he was chosen to become a Toa and brought his disk throwing skills to combat. Acting as a protector of Metru Nui before Turaga Dume came to power, he disappeared when he descended into the archives.
Equipment: Disk Launcher, Ice Trident.
Status: Unknown.
Threat Level: None.


Name: Echodarix

Species: Vortixx

Element: semi-limited artificial control over most elements.

History: a native of Xia, Echodarix proved herself a strong warrior, braving the mountain alone(or so I've heard), costing her an arm, once outfitted with her replacement she began taking contract missions for multiple factions, and changed her armor to be more recognizable, this included her signature headdress, lately she has been working closely with the dark hunters.

Equipment: Artificial arm ending in a blade which can channel amounts of elemental energy, rhotuka glaves, a shadow-infused war trident, kanohi Hau.

Accessories: Ornate headdress, minor armor additions, oddly she wears a kanohi Hau on her back, though whether she wears it in memorial or simply because she can use it to shield herself is currently unknown.

Status: missing, thought to have fled to the southern isles after the brotherhood attempted to silence her.

Threat level: after the makuta's attempt on her life, I doubt she would oppose the order, however she is considered dangerous.


Name: Payinku

Species: Matoran

Element: Plasma

History: hailing from the northern continent, under the rule of krika, this matoran has gathered our interests, as he shows promise not unlike mazeka, having connections to a handful of toa, as well as being favored by Makuta krika, enough so that krika gave him the mask of a fallen toa the matoran had known which had been recovered, as well as allowing him to explore the world as he sees fit, as such we've seen him all over, from metru nui to the southern isles, which is his last known location.

Equipment: a great kakama, though unable to use it, as he is a matoran, a shield made to resemble the shell of a beetle rahi, made of protosteel reinforced with energized protodermis, near indestructable(we are unsure of how he acquired this item, though it is assumed krika gave it to him for protection), and a collapsible Ice spear, used predominantly as a way of traversing dangerous landscapes, such as mountains.

Accessories: Backpack, occasionally seen wearing a pelt-like cloak.

Status: last seen heading towards the southern isles, we had a scout attempt to track his movement.

Threat level: None


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Name: Fatorak the Chronicler

Species: Matoran

Element: Stone

Powers: Enhance strength

Kanohi: Kakama

History: A Po-Matoran Chronicler for the island of Karhi Nui, Fatorak became the center of attention when a Makuta named Furtaan was searching for a strange Mask of Power on his island. As such, he helped Furtaan before they were ambushed by a Toa of Plasma named Salis.

Equipment: Chronicler's staff, Satchel.

Accessories: Chronicler Armor.

Status: Alive.

Name: Furtaan

Species: Makuta

Element: Shadows

Powers: Creation of Kraata, access to Kanohi Power, manipulation of shadow and other assorted Rahkshi powers.

Kanohi: Avsa

History: Furtaan was an agent of the Order of Mata Nui who worked undercover as he was also a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta. While looking for the Kanohi Karhi, he came across Fatorak, who helped him get to the mask. However, they were ambushed by Salis, and Furtaan was killed in battle as Salis used a special weapon to pierce the Makuta armor.

Equipment: Staff, wings which help him fly.

Status: Deceased.


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"This being predates the Order Of Mata Nui but was affiliated with the Hand of Artahka. Information is scarce."
Name: M4x1li0N-H0M1K4 (sometimes known as K4)

Species: M4x1li0N-Class Android
Element: N/A
Powers: N/A
Kanohi: N/A
History: A prototype of the current Maxilos-Class Guardian, built as a soldier more than a sentry. 10 years after his construction being completed, the Hand Of Artahka disbanded, and his constructor (currently unknown individual) abandoned him ina factory on an island now known as Ze-Nui by it's recent Matoran immigrants. After recently being reactivated by the leader of the Matoran, a Turaga, he took refuge in their village, waiting for his constructor to find him.
Equipment: Triple Switchblades: A retractable clawable to shear thin metal.
Nynrah Ghostmortar: A cannon from Nynrah strapped to his back, able to shot targets from afar.
Affiliation: Ze-Koro
Status: Active

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