Frozen Bones

So I decided to create my own skull villain, who is supposed to be a rotting, frozen corpse.

P.S Sorry about the sideways photos, I can't currently fix this.

Main Pic

First encounter

Our hero has fallen

Gallery (When Public)

Edit: Half of a sentence went missing, and forgot link
Edit: Fixed links


how do we see when it's private...? Or do we have to wait?

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You'll have to wait.

You could use imgur if these problems still occurs

Only two of the images work, no point linking to a gallery if you've intentionally left it private...

As for the two images that do work, it looks alright. Cant make out much details on them as they are odd angles and a bit blurry...

I fixed the first link.

@Scarilian, I didn't set it as private, I'm just waiting for brickshelf to approve the folder, Its just taking a lot longer than usual

Ah ok ><

With the first image, I like the cyborg style design, the pipes in the arm and leg.

nice, I love the arm with all the pipes around it. it definatly looks like a frozen corps