Furcifer: Ghost of Scoundrels

This is Furcifer. It is the wicked ghost within each of us, leading us to become scoundrels.

As is the nature of evil, Furcifer is deceptive. Those prongs on the sides of its head aren't real eyes; they are mere decoys to hide the soulless void in the center of its head. That void is its eye.

It leaves a trail of destructive ectoplasm in its wake.

With that eye, it sees everything. It can even see behind itself.
Of course the eyes are only part of its facade.

We may feel powerful when Furcifer is in control.

We may feel tempted to blame Furcifer for our scoundrel-ness.

But we're still in there.

And despite our fear, we're still in control.


I honestly can't tell whether this thing is genius or awful. Which may actually be your point.

10/10 we need more MOCs that make one think.


Interesting concept and color scheme

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It's very unique! And... gasp! TRANS YELLOW!

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uuuuuuhhhhhhh I can't make sense of it

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It's that trans-yellowish-greenish from Nilkuu, Pohatu, and Scorpio.

What on earth...


Plural's Zombified Review:

  • The Head is... Oh God...

I would give this MOC a


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Which one?

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Okay here is my official score cause you entered this in a MOC contest! Since the contest is out of ten I will use this system!


So that is a 5/10! Okay job! 😐

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This is genius! It's mysterious and takes human psychology into account and you don't know what's real or fake about it. Very well done

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Build: 3
Creativity: 3
Spook: 0

I give it a 6 outta 10.

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So it's basically guaranteed to wind up on the MOC Spotlight /s.
But thanks for giving me a legitimate score. I can only go up from here!

I wouldn't call it genius, but the real/fake thing was just what I was going for, so thank you!

So, the head splitting open isn't spooky enough? Ah well, you're the judge. But still, my ratings are increasing!

Thanks everyone! I'm pretty impressed by this feedback, for this is just the first time I've put heart into a MOC and posted one to the boards.

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