Future CCBS Themes?

What do you think is down the line for the CCBS system, Star Wars maybe? like those technic Star Wars sets. maybe bringing back something from the past like throwbots, knights kingdom or… Cough Galidor Cough with the new system


If history repeats itself, CCBS is only going to bridge the gap between constraction lines. But this system has proven to be pretty effective and well received so who knows.


Star Wars is a no. A ideas (then cuusso) tried to do that but it was rejected do to Hasbro being the sole holder of an sw action figure licence.


I would love to see knights kingdom re return, or maybe ninjago as constraction


i would like knights kingdom mars mission with constraction and ninjago, but never galidor

Would definitely like to see Ninjago and Knights Kingdom get the CCBS treatment.


So long are there are dedicated add-ons and torso plates (and fully custom torsos for any functions), I’m all for that.

I can’t think of anything else besides BIONICLE.


Oh what I wouldn’t give for an Ultraman constraction line, “unfortunately*” Bandai has the license.


  • This is in quotes because Bandai actually makes decent figures for like 6-7 dollars, though they usually go for around ten on Amazon.
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I could see them doing Ninjago, possibly in a similar style to how they did Knights Kingdom. Would make sense for them to do it given Ninjago is getting a movie soon.


In all honesty, I don’t see their Tokuatsu Vinyls being that good. I own 2 of them and the paint is off, super low articulation, one you split the waist you can never fix it, paint comes off…

Bandai’s Figuarts and proper figures however, are fantastic.

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You’re so right. I also had this crazy idea a while back:What if Toei and Bandai’s Kamen Riders(or Masked Riders in America’s case),teams up with LEGO to form Kamen Rider constraction sets? It could be very interesting. Think about how they’re going to recreate the final forms with their weapons in LEGO. That would be cool,even though it’s kinda 100% impossible.

They should bring the old EXO-FORCE line back and make them into constraction sets. Still,yes,Ninjago and Knights Kingdom are pretty suitable for the CCBS system. Or maybe make some Jedi Ultrabuilds from Star Wars.

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CCBS Gaim Kachidoki and Kiwami arms…It must be mine.
It would be pretty cool, and I can see OOO, Den-O and Kuuga fitting into that very nicely.
Glad to see another Rider fan here! There’s a topic for it in the Television thread.

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I know it wasn’t very well received, but I’d like to see them attempt Marvel Superheroes and Super Villains again. Their is a lot of potential with characters such as Ultron or Loki represented in the CCBS style.


And they could put more effort into a better iron man

I honestly would love to see them redo the sets


I can see it now.

After Bionicle’s demise, Lego debuts its next line as Galidor Factory.

Read the future and tremble.


I’d like to see a CCBS version of Slizers. That’d be interesting.


Hmm… I don’t see Slizers being a CCBS theme. I can see them making it into a system theme, but CCBS is more for building characters, and Slizers were more like vehicles.


I think you’re thinking of RoboRiders.
Slizers is the one with the discs.

RoboRiders were the motorbikes.

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Oh aye, whoops. =P Not the best day for remembering things.

In that case, I dunno. It could be kinda neat to see those make a return.