Futuristic Bionicle Astronaut Man Thing

Somehow, in the timespan of 3 hours, I made a bionicle that looks better than some that take me days. Kill me, I guess.

So yeah, he's got a gun and a green Kylo Ren kinda lightsaber thing

He's got his homeland's flag on his shoulder.

The saber

The nug (they call them "nugs" in the future).

What even is this
Wait I'm writing a haiku
Someone please stop me



I like it, the weapons are cool, and the build looks great!


does he have sideburns?



He does if you want him to.


Great except the side burns are a no no

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Looks pretty solid methinks.

Blue pins are painful to look at tho.

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The shaping is good, I like the blades on the shoulders.
The colours are also pretty good.
My only problem is that the head looks kinda strange.


You obviously don't like the look of manly men. Australian manly men.

Yeh, I agree. Dunno what else to do there.

The head is the best part, man :>

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You should recolor him to look like Elvis.

You could color them black with a sharpie


Well, that... uuh... that's actually a decent idea. Usually I just paint masks, but you're thinking outside the canister my fren

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Yeah I do it all the time it really helps with all colors

Very cool and very nice custom head, however I'd love to see more green accents on the figure to match the mask.