G1 Dinobots WIP

I currently have Grimlock and swoop built, so who’s next?



Pictures of it transformed please?

It’s an album, you have to click it.

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Didn’t know… anyways it’s rather blocky, but that’s always a problem with transformers. The chest is gappy and the articulation in the arms is probably not the best, but other than that, pretty nice and very much akin to the G1 swoop.

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That looks right.

The alt-mode looks a bit too blocky, but I gotta say that I’m really impressed with what you’ve done with this MOC’s design

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Looks pretty good. I like Swoop in general.

Slag and Sludge are currently tied, next vote will decide it I suppose.
But while I wait, here’s Grimlock.

I’d say to make Slag. I’d love to see what you’ll do with him.

That vote breaks the tie I’ll build Slag.

yo next can you make snarl after slag because snarl is my second favorite

Sadly the pool seems to want Sludge after Snarl.

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Neato bandito.

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