(G1) My idea of the Vahi's second half

This is how I’d see the second half of the Vahi- Keep in mind that I really cannot draw.

I designed it to look similar (I guess?) to the noble Huna. Believe it or not, it was actually based upon my original design for a different style of Kakama that i drew in 5 minutes. (I will post this once I have redrawn it, as I lost the sheet of paper it was on :frowning:) I noticed the similarities between the bottom half of my Kakama and the Vahi, and so I came up with this. I have seen a version for G2, but no notable ones related to G1.

I want to know what other people think of this, and if they can give their own representation of the Vahi.


Here before Illuminati jokes.




This is actually exactly how I would imagine it. It makes sense, because the G2 masks connect to the top of the head while most G1 masks connected to the mouth.


The Code you used gives you a digital thumbs up of ones and zeros

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