G1 Soudwave (3.0)

Version 2 inferior.
Version 3 superior.

Alt mode:

As usual, Soundwave is a box, he looks cool though.

The back is a bit of a mess but it’s cleaner than my last version.


Spread the legs.

Fold the arms up.

Fold the legs back.

Bring the legs down and spin the lower legs around.

Fold the feet down.

rotate the bottom half of the lower legs.

Fold the grey panels over, the feet up, and bring the arms forward.

Reposition the arms and fold out the hands.

Fold out the head.

Robot mode:


This guy is so freakin cool. Great job . Shaping is on point

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0/10 No Ravage.

Really awesome work! He looks sleek and recognizable, and the transforming is a great bonus as always!


I think you mean 10/10
He has a shoulder cannon


Haha, that transformation! Great job, shaping is nice and clear!

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9.999/10 no Ravage, Soundwave superior.

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