G1 Toa Project: Varian, Toa of Psionics

Here she is, the adamant Toa of Psionics herself, Varian!

Personality: Quirky and Adamant
Abilities: Perfect Auditory Retention, Rhotuka Power of Sleep
Weapons: Duel shoulder blades, transformable into a Rhotuka Shield.
Mask: Calix, or Hau

(I don’t have a Calix, and I don’t think it could connect with the head connection. I also think it may be over-sized.)

Though mainly composed of CCBS, I thought the small and simplistic build made her look petite and feminine, and all the colors work really well and look beautiful together. I hope this is a good entrant to this great community project. Thanks for reading!



“Simple but affective.”
I would suggest giving it crotch armor and maybe a “head-dress” to cover noticeable exposed areas.

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There is an inorganic Calix on www.Shapeways.com that you can order. It’s really neat and it works with the head connection, unlike the original. You just have to paint it gold, silver, or blue. Here’s the link: http://www.shapeways.com/product/E7URS3X7A/kanohi-calix-inorganic?optionId=59898493


You misspelled Psionics.

Thanks for letting me know. I wish you would have given me some thoughts on the MOC though.

@Square Thanks for your thoughts. The only somewhat exposed area is the bottom ball joint, but I wouldn’t consider it exposed, considering it’s there on a handful of official CCBS sets. I did try your idea when building the MOC, but I thought it looked better without a skirt.

I like the simple design, albeit it doesn’t go too well for the arms - They will definitely need a lot of work.

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Nifty! Just wish there was different way to attache that Hau, though. The top of the glatorian head sticks out from under it.

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The arms could use lots of work, for example the arms are completely trans blue but the legs are black, so you should name say the lower arms black, and I get the idea for wrist blades but I think it still looks bad, the shoulder connections seem a bit high for me.
I think you should go for a full custom torso so you can use a normal metru head and get rid of that crotch gap.

Hey, that’s pretty neat!

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