G2 Boxor Moc Update

Here’s some new images of my G2 Boxor moc. He’s gotten some substantial improvements, but I still have some work to do on him, mainly in the arms and cockpit. Thoughts and criticisms always appreciated. After I’ve got a complete model, should I release instructions?


A very large jump from the original, and a unepxectedly good one at that. Although it itself looks interestingmly too elongated in the torso, I believe it looks fine with the driver, but hard to tell from lack of pictures. Could you possibly upload more of the pictures with Nuparu in the suit, please?


I love the direction you went in with this. The colors are perfect and it’s just really appealing.

Really good, though I wish there was some sort of aesthetic clamp or harness to keep Nuparu from falling out.

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Woah! Looks way better than before!

Amazing, but I feel like the knee area looks a little bare.
Also I still dont know how people put studs on 2015 armor

The mech actually reminds me a bit of Loader Bot now.

Which is cool, because Loader Bot is cool.

(And if he and his clone army were to exist within the Bionice universe, Nuparu probably would’ve been the one to build them all in the first place anyway. He did also create the Vahki, so it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility.)

Yes please do instructions


Here’s some more photos. Unfortunately, I had to take the parts i took from my Onua moc and put them back onto him, so he’s missing some parts. However, I did tweak some parts in the pelvis so that way it doesn’t look as flat.
@HewksDKowlihad I’m planing on giving him an adjustable canopy that uses some modern technic panels to wrap around his arms.
@Hautaka for Nuparu, I took some super glue (use blue tac or playdoh for less permanent solution) apply it to the back of the stud, and stick it to the armor part.