G2 Chiara

So, I decided to try and see how Toa of Lightning Chiara would look in G2. Unfortunately, I still have to wait until someone makes a G2 Mask of Lightning for the build to be “completed.”

Anyways, her action feature manipulates just her left arm alone, and her Toa tool this time is a twin-bladed lightning rod.

For this build, I thought it’d be cool to have some asymmetry like on Pohatu 2015, but at a much cooler degree, so the torso build is a bit abstract and I also dedicated a lot of yellow to the right side of her body. I was intending to have the action feature on her right arm, but because of the fact that she has a cape draped over, and the shoulders were narrowed to make her look as feminine as possible without any cringe, I couldn’t find room.


Cool. The asymmetry is always refreshing, and the weapon looks nice.

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Did you have a certain design in mind?

I’m definitely something along the line of the Volitak featured in the build, but then there’s also a bit of a tiara made of lightning bolts on the forehead.

That shoulder pad looks like it would be very heavy IRL. But still, nice moc!

It’s supposed to be a cape.

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Oh, Ok!

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