G2 Creep (Full size)

Yesterday I finished Full size Creep in G2 edition…
Well, @Ekorak kinnda “made me” create version that is atleast 12 Inches (well, he is MUCH higher than Mini/chibi)

Well here he is:


Nyran shot

Random action pose #1

Random action pose #2


Nickname: Sombra
Name: Creep
Age: 34
Race: Canine
Favourite enviroment: Whats left of nature
Element: none
Key traits: Fast runner, light-headed, creative, listener-type (usualy doesn’t talk), sometimes can absorb electricity

Yeah, thats about that


The colour scheme works surprisingly well. The build is nice and complex, though could be cleaner-looking considering that he is an organic wolf creature (I think). Also, the face looks nothing like a canine.

Welp, I know it looks somewhat Feline -ish
Yet i might make better head, if im going to get an set with good ammout of small specialised keetorange parts

Also this is an Suit


I like the little one and I like the big one :stuck_out_tongue:

The red bits are a little distracting though. But I’ll let that pass since they’re probably there just because lack of pieces.


Less lackluster, I like it better

sanic the hedgehugh

im not sure about the lower arms, but everything else looks pretty good

I’ll leave it to say that I like the smaller version better, although this is pretty good

What the main thing throwing you off Hawkey? You know, Idlike to hear critique aswell :S

Some of his limbs (the thighs and forearms in particular) seem a bit off to me. I think the thighs’ problem comes from the use of 2 half-width beams stacked on each other instead of just one. The back is really underarmored and I just can’t really see that system-based face working with the rest of him. Colors are generally okay, but you should probably try to get rid of either the red or the silver.

Ye, I know about the back, I might add armour on it tommorow or sth

Cilinders on thighs are here to stay, and red is due to lack of parts

Yeah, thats that

I like the lower leg design and the custom torso looks good too

Back is now covered in armour:


@Ekorak, since you are the one who wanted him to be good size, go review it xP

Whoo, back armor, and stuff…

It’s alright. The shoulders are a tad awkward, but the rest is pretty good. Biggest issue for be are the INCREDIBLY GIRLY hips.

Seriously man.

Fix them hips.

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Shots fired huh? U have dem girly Waist somewhat /s C:


Ekorak is scared of girls


its okay ek I am too


There’s a difference between large hips and curvy waists :3


Sure, sure…

Nope C: