G2 Inspired Rau

I’ve been working a lot with bionicle g2 lately, and one thing that I’ve been working on recently was getting the Turaga for my Toa. Here’s a design I came up with in under an hour trying to combine some elements of The Mask of Water and the Noble Kanohi Rau, with small elements of its Great variant and the Mask Maker masks.


The rau is my favourite mask, and this is a good version :ok_hand:

It captures the style. Perfectly.

Pretty neat

A pretty faithful adaptation. Looks great!

It didn’t remind me of the Rau at first, actually it looked like a Hau. It does look like a great adaptation the longer you look at it, however,

A nice adaptation. I like the added emphasis on the brow, especially from the side; it really adds more dimension to the mask.