G2 Kahu MOC feat. Kongu

I finally got around to making my G2 Kahu from ages ago. He’s missing a few parts though. Some are inconsequential, but the one I need the most is that black gear on his pelvis. I ordered it from Lego, but these photos are from before then.



Wingspan with Kongu:

Kongu riding the Kahu (Memories)

Bird to bird w/ that missing part

Flock of a Feather:


This looks amazing
I really like the head and the wings

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Thats a weird colorscheme right there

It’s an homage to the combiner version of the Kahu over just the MNOG version.

Well if it was entirely purple I would understand, but purple&blue? It’s just weird yellow&puprple would look better

Understandable. The original intention was to go solid purple all throughout, but I didn’t have purple shells larger than size 4 to cover all the space the wings had. The Dark Azure breaks a bit of the monotony of the colors and makes the wings pop like how a bird with that kind of sexual dimorphism does in my eyes.

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The wings are great and I quite like the color scheme, I just feel that the blue should be better distributed across the legs and torso. Still, this is a great MOC.

I’ll play around with the colors. I’ll update the post when the gear comes in, so I might change a few parts around in the interim.

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This is awesome. Love it.

The image taking doesn’t give a perfect overview of the moc, but that doesn’t affect the moc appearance.

Comparing this to the previous LDD model, the bulk of the leg help this moc alot and the wing is abit half-hazard-

This is very very very awesome!

This is amazing. Not only do you pull the Kahu off perfectly, but Kongu looks excellent as well. Good job, no complaints here.

Purple and blue is actually a pretty cool color scheme in person, especially if a MoC is primarily built around their translucent counterparts. It gives them more of a ghostly etherial look, and the fact that it’s not as common really adds an extra layer of uniqueness to the creation.
Granted, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but having previously built a figure using it myself that I ended up fairly happy with, I’d certainly recommend giving it a shot, if only as a small step outside of one’s comfort zone.

The color scheme is good until Kongu gets on the bird. That makes it look a little strange.

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The colours are well distributed on this. It really looks like a g2 Titan set! And that kongu makes me sad they didnt go with the classic matoran

New Pics: