G2 Mask Topic

Have you ever wondered what would different g2 masks look like on kopaka? Well if so here you go

As you can see the 2015 mask of ice doesn't work due to the top binocular piece

G1 jungle does work however as do most of the others (I don't have the earth mask)

How about a protector mask?

Again doesn't work but what about a skull spider?

That works alright with the creature head
2016 masks

Which do you think looks the best?


What're you talking about, Protector masks work fine with creature heads.

um what creature are you using?

It doesn't matter, they all have the same head.

but the neck matters

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Well you'd have to make it longer, but it still looks good.

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well when i say it doesn't work i mean he cant wear it properly


I think the 2015 Lewa mask looks the best.


So far, all the masks in G2 have been pretty good, although I wish the villagers could wear more than one mask.

Perhaps villager sets with their own masks could remedy this problem.