G2- The Legend Continues

So this is my fic on how the bionicle g2 story could have continued, enjoy and please leave feedback

The metal bird of white and gold soared through the sky, looking down on the similar colored figure walking below. The tall warrior stepped up over the rocks, trying to keep his strength. It had been a long trek up these hazardous mountains, with plenty of additional threats. He had encountered many a wild or corrupted beasts. He had just finished combat with a pack of wild fire boars. He heard the screech of Agil overhead and looked up, seeing with relief that he was near the peak.

He finally reached the peak, where sat what remained of a roofless temple; the temple of time. He pulled his weapon from his back and set it down and sat. Despite his haste, he was beyond exhausted, having travelled for days to reach his destination with little rest. He stared up at the twilight sky; night was setting in and the stars were out, just as was needed. Agil had perched on a broken stone and sat watching in intently. After another minute he stood up and stepped up to the alter at the pinnacle of the temple.

He placed a strange crystal at its center, which pulsed with elemental energy of each kind. He stood watching but nothing happened. His hope, his resolve, began to falter when it began to glow and the temple quake. Suddenly a beam of pure elemental energy stretched into the sky. He looked up and saw the six elemental stars begin to glow, just as he was told would happen. He suddenly felt a greater shake and realized with horror that the temple was breaking apart from the strain. Suddenly he heard the thunder of shattering rock and felt the ground beneath his feet fall out as the temple crumbled away. The last thing he saw before darkness was six streaks of light descending from the sky towards the temple.

He wasn’t sure how long had passed when he came to and pushed the rubble off him. As he looked about, he saw a light emanated from the other side of the mound that was the temple of time. He pushed up and climbed the rubble to look and there, within a heated crater, stood them, the toa; the great heroes he had been sent to summon. They were talking amongst themselves, laughing and chatting. He climbed down the other side of the rubble but slipped, tumbling down and catching their attention. They instinctively drew their weapons and took defensive stances.

“who goes there?!” tahu demanded

The newcomer awkwardly picked himself up and stood nervously, trying to not raise their ire.

“you…you are the toa?” He asked

“we are” kopaka answered warily


He started with a weak squeak of a voice, still in shock and awe, before composing himself.

“I am takua, toa of light. I was tasked with summoning you to protect okoto once more”

There was a collective gasp of shock and some hushed murmuring amongst the toa. Sensing that this takua was not an enemy, tahu lowered his weapon and the others did as well. They looked him over; he certainly looked like a toa. He was average in height to the most of them. He had an ornate, crested golden mask that did seem to exude light. He had gold and white armor and held a long scythe or staff with a long, thick curved blade at its top, embedded in which was a bolt of crystalized energy. Gali noted that his armor included the elemental crystals like their armor did.

“wait” she thought aloud

It was then she, and soon the others, realized they no longer sported the crystals and enhanced armor ekimu had built for them. They had returned to their original armor and weapons.

“heh, fine by me” pohatu huffed, flipping his boomerangs

They each reexamined their old weapons, familiarizing themselves with them. They actually found it comforting to be returned to their original forms. Takua, feeling awkward and small in their presence, stayed silent. It was onua who finally looked up to see the fresh pile of destruction behind the new toa.

“what was this and what caused it?”

“well, it was the temple of time and I guess it was me who did it” takua admitted

“why” lewa asked

“it was in bad shape and I believe the energy used to summon you was too much for it”

“hmm, I don’t remember okotan craftsmanship being so brittle” pohatu fowned

“And speaking of which, where are the protectors then, I have so missed Korgots company” onua smiled

There was an awkward silence that lingered as takua took long moments to compose his answer. The toa could sense the heaviness; something was wrong.

“It…has been many, many years since you were last on okoto. The…protectors you knew have all passed away. New protectors have taken their posts, and scarcely venture from their villages or regions these days”

The revelation struck the toa hard and they looked about confused. Kopaka stepped forward to look down at takua with serious eyes.

“what has happened?”

“shadow and chaos now runs rampant across the island. Need was great for your aid”

“what shadow?”

“many, but at its core, makuta”

“so he persists?” onua spoke up

“it is, complicated”

“question; if the protectors are not here, how did you summon us?” lewa asked

“I will show you. The mask maker awaits us” takua answered

“ah, ekimu, good” tahu glowed

“hm, I have a few words for him” pohatu said lowly

Kopaka turned away from takua, shoulder to shoulder and facing tahu.

“how can we be sure we can trust him?” he whispered

Suddenly there was a screech above, and all eyes turned to see the elemental creature of light diving towards them.

“agil!” gali shouted happily

The bird perched on takua’s shoulder and nuzzled him affectionately.

“I see you are familiar with my partner” takua smiled

“that’s how” tahu answered kopaka

With that the group made the long trek back down the mountain range. Many questions were asked and takua awkwardly evaded most of them, only acknowledging that much time had passed and that okoto was in ruin. Indeed, much of the landscape seemed damaged or at least affected. They did encounter some of the beasts takua had already faced but their elemental powers proved more than a match for them. As they remembered, they were “their” elemental powers. The group was collectively more than relieved to not have to hunt for more pointless golden masks. Apparently the purpose of the golden masks was to reawaken and focus their abilities in their weakened states at the time.

“how did you become the toa of light? Last we saw it was…” gali started

“master ekimu, yes. I was a villager that he took in as his apprentice. He told me that the power of light was a grand power to fight darkness. He told me how he had once wielded it himself to be a toa for a short time, controlling only a fragment of its ability to stand with you in battle”

“stand in battle is a bit of a stretch” kopaka coughed

The group recalled how poorly the mask maker turned toa had fared in combat with the elemental beasts.

“yes, well, it was he who eventually bestowed unto me the mantle and power of toa of light before…” he trailed off

The toa sensed something, well many things, he was holding back. They walked for some time, through the night and most of the next day. Strangely enough to the toa, instead of making for the city of the mask makers at the islands center, they were heading to the slopes of where the mountains met the region of jungle. Eventually they came to what could best be described as a large, and very old stone dwelling, overgrown and shabby; it had clearly seen better days. It was not quite a temple but much more than a hut. The toa lingered, sensing something off but takua and agil entered without pause.

As they entered, they saw that the majority of the inside was one large chamber with a massive furnace, and at its center a forging slab. They heard stirring from one of the corners.

“mask maker, we have returned” takua announced

The toa saw a familiar squat silhouette begin to emerge from the shadows, though something seemed different, wrong about it. As the figure appeared before them, they were struck with horror; the purple eyes and armor highlights, the mask of control; it was makuta.

“makuta!” they all yelled

They all drew their weapons and channeled their elements, ready to attack.

“wait!” takua yelled

He and agil jumped in front of them, blocking any attack.

“I knew it, traitor, false toa” kopaka growled

The accusation seemed to cut the light warrior deep. He seemed almost depressed for a moment before anger overtook him. He readied his weapon to battle when the small smith pushed forward.

“I am no longer the bearer of that name” he said

His voice was deeper and fiercer than ekimus but still soft and wise, strangely almost soothing to the toa, which put them even further from ease.

“what do you mean? Explain tyrant, where is ekimu?”

“my brother…is dead” he answered

Overcome with fury and now engulfed in flame, tahu struck with his blades, only for his fatal strike to be blocked by takua. To all the toas confusion, makuta never flinched or blocked or made to attack.

“you are…right to have hate for me, and want to strike me down. I would not blame you”

“what happened to ekimu?” onua demanded

“he gave his life to save us” takua answered

“how, why?” gali asked

Makuta waved for them to follow him to another room. They did, with great apprehension, weapons still in hand. They came to a room with a bonfire at its center and 6 stools set around it. Makuta took one and gestured for them to take the rest. Save takua, the toa remained still, until pohatu, not one for tact or patience, stepped forward. He was followed by gali, then onua, then lewa, the kopaka and finally tahu. Tahus presence as he sat caused the fire to flare a bit, a sign of his anger. The mask maker paused, seeming almost intimidated under the toas hateful stares, before finally beginning.

“you all of course know of my…regrettable past and actions. When last we saw each other you sealed me away in the shadow realm. But I did not remain. Eventually, over time, the barrier weakened, and creatures of darkness began to escape. Eventually, I too forced my way through, but it was a crossing almost as cataclysmic as my first being imprisoned there. It rent my being itself asunder”

The mention of such a thing snapped the toa from their glares and they were overtaken by interest.

“I was finally freed of all the darkness that had gathered in my darker half. There was now makuta and me”

“and what, who are you then?” lewa asked

“I am free. The mask of ultimate power amplified my jealousy, anger, hatred and desire. And for a thousand years it enslaved me to those impulses. I gave myself wholly to them. It was not until I was free of them that I realized the poison they were. The mask, it absorbed them all and became an entity all its own, born from my darkness”

“the mask of ultimate power?” pohatu asked

“no. that mask was destroyed the day ekimu shattered it. This, what I had in the shadow realm, was far more dangerous. It is the mask of darkness, the manifestation of rampant power with now directive, just like makuta”

“so there are two of you now?” tahu asked

“I relinquished the name out of shame. I am, as I once was, a mere mask maker”

The mask maker gestured up to the structure around them.

“this, toa, was where it all started. My brother and me, alone here, making masks for those who desired them. Before fame, or power or responsibility. We lived simple lives back then”

“so what happened next” an enthralled lewa asked

“takua saved me from makuta and took me to the city, to ekimu. I was weak, barely awake or able to move. Not long after, the minions of makuta came, besieging the city. Luckily the villagers had already fled, affronted by my presence”

“master ekimu said he would make a stand…” takua started in

“he told me to take his brother and flee. I didn’t want to leave him but he said it was not my destiny to perish there. I was meant to live and protect okoto”

“so what happened?” tahu demanded again

“ekimu had, over the years, had me collect the fragments of the mask of ultimate power. I thought it was to destroy it, but it was to lock them away. When the time came, it was his weapon of last resort. As we prepared to leave, shadow warriors and skull warriors swarming the city, he reforged the pieces together, the strain almost killing him. He sent us away, then there was only destruction” takua finished

“he shattered the mask again, I more than any know what that means. Its destruction destroyed it, him, the city and the invaders. Nothing remained” makuta finished

“wow” lewa said as he dropped his head into his hands, crest fallen

“his spirit is one with the world now” makuta nodded

“and makuta? The…the other one I mean” kopaka crossed his arms

“survived, escaped, I could sense it. He dared not enter the city himself. Now he is free, hidden, unleashing evil beasts and minions on okoto. The island has never known darkness like this”

“what of the elemental creatures?” onua inquired

“they returned to their regions, dormant now I imagine, not been sighted in some time”

“question!” lewa raised his arm

“oh…uh, yes”

“how did you get the mask of control back?”

“I was wonder about that as well” pohatu added

“ekimu had apparently found and restored it”

“He gave it to me along with his brothers forging hammer when he sent us away. I gave them to him when he was strong enough” takua added

“so what do you do now?”

“what I was meant to, make masks. Takua delivers them to the villages. They believe he has forged them and that is what’s best”

“and I and agil fight whatever foul things makuta unleashes as they come. The villages are secluded and in fear and fight where they can but…hope is fleeting”

“which is why we realized we needed the toa to turn the tide against darkness”

“what kind of things has makuta been doing?”

“his threat is tenfold with him in this plain, on the island now. Wild animals, rampant and corrupted, elemental beasts and shadow okotans. And some new beings; foul warriors doing his bidding”

“like nidhiki” takua scowled

“what?” gali asked

“a vile spider or crab-like warrior. He’s one of makutas main goons. We have fought many times”

“so…this is our duty…” tahu started

Suddenly there was an incredulous aghast sound from pohatu.

“duty…what even is our duty our purpose. Are we just cleaners to be called every time a fight is to be had? Is that all we are?”

“agreed, ekimu used us and we went blindly along with his prophecy nonsense. It made non sense” kopaka added

“yeah, I mean, destiny is one thing but, if ekimu already knew what was meant to happen, then fate was already tempered with. Okoto could have been saved in a day if he told us the truth” gali chimed in

The mask maker looked among the discontent looks of the toa. Even takua seemed afflicted, having also been in a similar situation with his brother.

“I am not ekimu. I do not deal with prophecy and pathways, half-truths and vague suggestion. The prophecy and its impact were of his making, his machinations. I no longer have desire for such things. If you want answers, than ask”

There was a shocked silence as the toa looked about each other, trying to compose what to say.

“who are we?” tahu said pleadingly

That was the core of their desire, of what they truly wanted to know. The mask maker knew such a thing would one day come up. He breathed slowly, composing himself.

“you…the toa…huff, the six elemental stars power this world, fuel the elements and life itself. And you are their souls, the living manifestations of those elements and the spirits of the stars. Legend had it that you have been summoned all through history, protecting this world from disaster”

“oh my god” tahu shook

“then why do we remember nothing?” kopaka asked

“A old sage once told ekimu and myself, when we were young, that he saw you battle a great evil that destroyed itself and you. It seems your spirits lived, but your past memories did not. A curse or a blessing, for you to decide”

A long, sober night proceeded, their host insisted they relax and rest before the fate of the island was decided. Under the circumstances, the toa chose to give the mask maker the benefit of the doubt. There was conversation, questions, answers and the slightest bit of revelry and enjoyment. Outside, in a tree above, a large insectoid watch the dwelling intently. Seeing the flickering of the fire in the windows and the voices from within, he had his answer.

“hssss, the toa have returned, makuta must know”

Within, the toa had drinks and were being taught an old bards song from ages past. All joined, save onua. On the other side of the home, he sat alone, legs crossed, in meditation; there was much to reflect on. Eyes closed, mind and soul open, he found his outstretched consciousness answered.

“unity, duty, destiny” he heard

He recognized the soft voice of ekimu, coming from within, not without.

“I am one with this world now. And you must make this world united. United, but not one. Only when united can okoto overcome the darkness” it faded

“I understand” onua said aloud

Eventually sleep did come. It was mid-morning when takua finally awoke in his room. Agil perched at the window as every day. He heard the ringing of his host working, forging masks. He went by the room in which he knew the toa were sleeping but saw only discarded pillows and blankets. He heard grunts and the clanging of metal outside that he knew now to be the sound of battle. He drew his staff and raced out, thinking makutas forces had found them. Instead, he was met with the sight of the toa, paired up and battling with their weapons; training. Ever since the loss of their memories, they had not developed great skill with their weapons, and found themselves relying on their powers or team attacks. They realized they had to improve their skills for the trials to come.

Lewa whizzed through the air, avoiding the swings of onuas hammer, and countering with strikes from his blades, which struck the earth toas shoulder armor. Gali and pohatu spun about each other, her twirling her trident to blocks strikes from his boomerangs, which repelled and whizzed back to his hands. Tahu and kopaka were locked in a much tenser clash. Magma blades and ice spear and shield locked together, they pushed against each other trying to compromise the others footing with sheer strength. They broke and were about to re-engage when they took notice of takua.

“come on over toa of light, let’s see what you have” tahu smirked

“Aye, we are tougher than a fire boar. Try your telent against a real warrior” kopaka added

Takua put up a façade of timidness and nervousness. They took the bait and attacked individually, and he easily fended both off. They grew aggravated fast and attacked in unison. He blocked both blows with his staff, then as they were locked, discharged a blast of light from his mask. Both now blinded for the moment, he withdrew his staff and with a flick of his wrist, used it to pull their feet out from under them. Both fell hard to the ground with a grunt as their sight came back. The first image they saw was him smiling down at them.

“yes, real warriors” he grinned

He had been trained well in combat, both by ekimu and in his battles as a toa. Though he did not feel worthy, he was a toa warrior. While he appeared cool, inside he was screaming like a child on his first trip out of the village. He was nothing but a villager outcast, then a toa, and now here he was sparing with the great toa heroes of legend. He could hardly believe it was not a dream, but dreams seldom also included so much darkness. The other toa had broken from their training to watch and were now haughtily laughing. Kopaka coolly ignored it; tahu was less reserved, leaving a charred outline of grass in his shape as a sign of his agitation.

“takua, I meant to ask again; without the protectors, how were you able to summon us back” gali asked

“the mask maker forged a special elemental crystal, which I had to journey to each village with. Each protector needed to touch it so it could absorb a portion of their energy. That combined filled the role needed for the ritual I guess” he shrugged

“makes sense” pohatu shrugged

“so, what is our next step, where do we hunt makuta?” lewa chirped from the air

“we don’t, not yet” onua answered

“what?!” the other six toa gasped

“in my meditation, I heard the voice, the spirit of ekimu; he urged us to unite okoto”

“okoto cannot be united while makuta roams free” the mask maker scowled from the door

His personal stake and salvation in makutas defeat was showing, harder than ever before. It was his desire to see ther toa destroy his darker half, purging his shame from the world.

“it is only through unity that the island, and its people will survive”

“yes, as I said, the regions are divided, the villages scared and apart”

“I see, yes. we will inspire, unite the people of okoto” gali clapped

“yes, show them that if they rise and stand together, they can stamp out the darkness” tahu added

“the okotans wil rise against makuta, not as many, but as one” pohato finished

The mask maker stood silent, reflecting, before returning to finish the masks he was working on. He had multiple spare masks for each village and if the toa were going to them, they might as well deliver them for him. If they were used and valued, that was all that mattered, even if he would not be the one to receive the credit. That was a lesson he wish he had been capable of learning a thousand years ago.

“so, takua, what other evils does makuta command?” kopaka asked

“other evils, probably many now. Well the shadow okotans, the elemental beasts, the corrupted animals, nihdiki I said and some other brute warrior with him. kulta and the skull warriors…

“kulta, the skull grinder, still alive?!” tahu jumped

“I suppose, if whatever he is counts as alive. Skull spiders I still believe as well and there have been rumors of serpent women of some kind abducting villagers into the shadows. Then the skrall could always come back…”

“skrall, what are skrall?”

“invaders from across the sea; they were repelled, barely, but we know they will return. I could easily see them falling under makutas sway”

“so many threats, I wonder if we have ever faced such odds before that we don’t remember” lewa asked

“perhaps one day you will find out” the mask maker said

He dropped a bag of mask and supplies at their feet.

“best get moving, there is much to be done” he added

“well then team let’s move out and…” tahu started

“hold fire head, who made you our eternal leader. You had your chance, the toa of ice should lead this time” kopaka announced

Tahu and kopaka glared at each other.

“maybe I should lead, might be fun” pohatu shrugged

Lewa, dropped down, hanging upside-down by his legs from a tree branch.

“how about a leader who’s got some actual brains, like onua or gali or me”

The mask maker narrowed his eyes in disappointment as they squabbled.

“my vote is for takua” onua spoke up

All eyes turned to the toa of light, who was sitting absent mindedly on a rock with agil perched on his arm.

“what?!” he choked out

All then others were just as stunned and confused.

“this is not the okoto we knew. We are strangers here, more so now than before. He proved himself to ekimu and earned his power. He is brave, skilled and clearly has much he can teach us. If you lead takua, I will follow”

Onua held his weapon out and bowed his head. There was a mix of amusement, awe and incredulousness at this. Takua stood up, agil still on his arm, and in what may have been some form of a divine sign, light through the tree tops shown down over him, reflecting and magnifying the light outwards from his mask. The other five toa did the same with little argument; onuas logic was rarely easy to argue with. Takua looked dumbfounded, overcome with emotion and shock. He looked to the mask maker, who merely nodded, impressed.

“Unity” tahu proclaimed

“…Duty” takua answered

“Destiny!” the 7 toa called out in unison.

The legend continues