G2 Toa refsheet

a small project i have been working on on and off over the past few weeks when i had time!

heres a collection of all of them individually —> (x) <—

The general style i was going for is to have the ccbs skeleton with armor layered on top, painted in the colors of the element, with floaty runes representing the chest prints and transparent pieces we got so plenty of in this gen so far.
its all magic-voodoo ish

(be sure to follow my deviantart and tumblr for more art!)
i hope you guys enjoy this and have a great christmas and new year~


These are incredible, why did LEGO not hire you?

i cost too much


I like the little details you put onto each, such as the skull on the arm of Pohatu’s first form, the tuffs of furr on Kopaka’s first form, and the lines of energy on all the Toa’s United forms. You managed to even fix the look of Uniter Gali IMO by giving her that subtle femininity seen in her master form.


This is epic. so very amazing.

Holy amazing! I love it so much!

Kopaka is my favorite, I love the Russian/parka look you gave him, and now that I think about it, his Metru blue lower arms maybe are long gloves! :smile:

Everyone else is epic looking!


Whoops, just posted this in the 2016 topic. I didn’t see you already made one.

Anyway I love these. Both versions are recognisable, the armoring style is a perfect blend of simplicity and detail, and the proportions are great. I really think Lego has a thing or two to learn from your work.

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I love the concept floating tribal designs, especially the swirly ones on Gali and the circular ones on Tahu :smile:

These look really great! They make the Uniters carry on the stature of their predecessors, which the lack thereof is by far the biggest flaw with the 2016 sets.

If only the actual sets were this good… :confused:

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Those are amazing!
Some of their heads,however,look too small.

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That art is Flipping Amazing!

you’re fantastic as ever

Great art as always!

really nice
i like how the glowing parts seems to hover over the armor like holograms or something


voodoo magic boo it scary


Nice artwork! And I agree with @prpldragon on the glowey bits!


These are amazing looking.


Such Inspirational art (im not joking). My artistic vision for Bionicle art is finally clear.

“The @cat artist? His art.”
“Its the art from your dream.”
“I was right. It was pointing to my ideal artistic esthetics.”
“Year 2016.”
“Its not too late child. Let the spirits of the arts guide you. You know your path child, now follow it!”

(Aka my reaction in seeing your art for the first time).


You made pohatu 2016 look like a good set ant Lewa look terrifying

these are amazing,I really like how the trans pieces are all holographic and magical looking