G2 Toa Team MOC's

So i’m back with another post. Yay.
This one even though MOC is in the title, no actual MOC(s) this time.
So why am I posting this you might be asking?
Well, I am almost done with making a Bionicle G2 Toa-Team.
And I decided to let the community decide on what the final Toa is!
The Three options are as follows:
1.) Venom, Toa of Plasma (colors are orange and white)
2.) Clockwork, Toa of Time (colors are gunmetal and gold)
and 3.) Smoke, Toa of Steam (colors are silver, dark red/maroon and blue)

And that’s it for this post. Put your vote in the comments!
Whatever Toa has the most votes I will make!
(It will probably not be very complex but it’s a G2 MOC so… you get the idea.)

Clockwork: 5
Venom: 0
Smoke: 0

EDIT: Because of reasons I have removed a toa in the team so there is now 4 toa! Whatever toa places 2nd will replace that! (If there isn’t a second place i’m going to make something else like a toa of sonics)

EDIT 4.5?: This ended, I have started Clockwork. :slight_smile: (and since there was no second place I’m going to make Venom as well and he is going to be orange and white)

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because I don’t like orange/green combos and steam is… weird

Moved this to Lego Creations cuz YOLO


I think a clockwork Toa would look really interesting… kind of like a blend between a regular Bionicle Toa and one of the Klinkers mixels from a while ago.

I vote Clockwork.

Clockwork sounds pretty groovy.

I’ll go with the crowd and say Clockwork.