G2 Zaria

With Chiara getting a G2 counterpart, it’s only a matter of time before Zaria and Orde get counterparts as well. Here’s Zaria.

Like with Chiara, I’ll have to wait until someone makes a G2 mask of iron in order to complete this. His action feature manipulates both arms in opposite directions, and his tools are a pair of small axes that can be wielded separately, or combined end-to-end into a double-bladed axe.

I know that gun metal and burnt orange are the official colors for iron, but I thought maybe some silver and dark azure would also make a cool-looking color combo for this element as well. Of course, there’s still some gun metal in there, but not a whole lot. And of course, I also thought making him into an iron giant would also be pretty rad.


Ah nice moc
I like the parts usage with the shovel pieces as armor


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looks cool - tho i kinda would like to see how he would look wth the burnt orange!