G3 boxor

I have created a prototype design thing for a g3 boxor in LDD, take a look.

nuparu in boxornuparu standing next to boxor

boxor backside

my idea is that the boxors could be construction mechs scince the bohrok are household bots, then when the krana virus hits, the boxors get weaponized

I would love to hear your thoughts


A bit boxy but otherwise not bad.


Way too boxy, and pretty big,
The shoulder build wouldn’t be able to actually hold any weight.

Not to be rude, this thing looks half finished, from the exposed everything to the clunky build, it just doesn’t look that good.


Not to be rude…

But this honestly looks horrible. The boxy simply made torso, the shoulder joints with connections lego would never use, especially at this scale, and the unstable connections make it impossible for me to see this as a set.

I’d say to look at official lego mechs to see how they do things. Normally they lack knees and limit articulation in the legs to enhance stability, and the whole build, especially the cockpit uses quite a bit of SNOT and technic to ensure stability.

Now I love the concept, and want to see it reach a more completed stage, so keep at it.


Definitely unstable and kind of uninteresting. I suggest taking a look at official LEGO mechs to understand them better.

Responding to everyone here, I realize its boxy and unstable, I made this thread hoping for your ideas and pictures. Like I said this is a prototype

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Maybe you could use this image from Exo-Force as the base for the shape of the Boxxor.

Since Nuparu is the inventor of the Boxxor, the color scheme works well.


Tbh, it just looks bland, there’s nothing interesting about it. As a prototype, I would suppose it’s decent, though a punching function would really be good.

Yeah. Once I can afford the right pieces, building this in real life will be much easier than on ldd

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