G3 Brotherhood of Makuta - Ideas on how it would work

I made this topic so we could discuss how the Brotherhood of Makuta could be represented in the story as a faction and it's characters. As of now we know that the Brotherhood's goal is to revive Makuta, the Rahkshi are Matoran/Rahi hybrids and that they'll steal and shatter the Mask of time.

Firstly, I think the Brotherhood should start as an apparently benevolent but shady cult to Makuta, possibly with temples/buildings in the villages, and that they would try and gather more Matoran to their side, maybe with promises of evolving oneself to something better or surpassing their weaknesses, wich would eventually lead to certain member of the Brotherhood becoming the Rahkshi. I think it would also be interesting if they had this kind of reverence to the Rahi and their attributes, like strength, endurance, speed, etc.

Since all the Matoran now have some kind of manifestation of their elemental powers, maybe those Matoran that joined the Brotherhood could have, apart from their own element's power, some kind of Shadow powers or amplified/corrupted elemental powers.

In another topic, @DarkHenrik suggested that Ahkmou could be stealing important objects from the turaga and giving them to the Brotherhood. Maybe we could have it so that one of the things Ahkmou stole was some kind of book/scroll that mentions the Mask of Time and it's powers, leading to the Brotherhood looking for it and subsequently shattering it.

Anyway, these are just some ideas I had recently, If you guys have any ideas or suggestions you would like to share about the Brotherhood of Makuta, please do!


My idea for the Brotherhood is that they're a secret cult of Matoran from all across the villages led by Ahkmou, who want to revive Makuta and gain the power of the Rahi (Similar to what you were saying.) However a lot of people, including myself, have expressed interest in Makuta not being the main villain for all 3 years, be it Tren Krom, Karzahni or maybe a completely new player. So I thought that as time went on and Makuta is no longer the primary antagonist, the Brotherhood would become a sort of Anti-Hero equivalent to the Toa, working with them at times and Ahkmou even possibly becoming a Toa of Shadow.


Who dat?

i personaly am planning on making a topic about G3 Makuta, but im still working on my idea about Makuta himself, but like @TheRingBearer13 said, i would like to not have Makuta as the main villain, but instead have the Bohrok be the final foe, like the looming threat that is getting closer as the years go by, with Makuta instead being a former hero himself who has fallen and his return now has him try to do everything he can to end the Bohrok thread once and for all, even if it means taking extreme measures to do it.

the same kind of mindset would be on the Brotherhood of Makuta. They don't belive themself to be evil, much like Makuta. Instead they belive that what they are doing is for the better of the entire island. Or that is the mindset that some members have, while others are only doing it for selfish reasons, like getting revenge on others for wrong doings they themself have sufferd.

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Tren Krom was a completely organic entity created by the Great Beings long before Mata Nui ever existed. He initially watched over the universe from inside Karda Nui, but was later exiled in order to prevent him from causing trouble for Mata Nui.
(Taken from BS01)



From what I understand, the character was inspired heavily by the the mythical monster Cthulu. In G1, Tren Krom was so horrifying that anyone who gazed upon his form could be driven mad. I always thought this idea was really neat, and though Tren Krom wasn't technically an antagonist in G1, I could totally seeing him be the ultimate foe of G3. He'd basically be a god of torment.

However, I'm thinking in the long run when I bring up Tren Krom. I'd rather have Makuta or somebody similar be the primary antagonist in the first arc (years1-3). Tren Krom as I've described him should appear much later - maybe even as a villain so powerful that the Toa are forced to team up with Makuta to defeat him.


Or, Makuta isn't evil, and teams up with them on his own accord, like I've proposed. I could see Tren Krom as a villain though.


I really like the idea of Makuta being an anti-hero along with a Toa of Shadows and instead the Bohrok being the final enemies. Following that line of thought​, what would happen to the other members of the Brotherhood, join the other Matoran in the villages? I think It would be interesting If the rest of the Brotherhood managed to built their own city/stronghold, so to maintain that each Toa has it's village to defend (think something like the Sith Academy of Korriban on KotOR)