G3 Civil War Set Concept: The Naho Bridge

The Naho Bridge


This set has 691 pieces, 5 minifigures and is part of the mid to large range of sets so includes opposing minifigures, from Motara we have 3 forward scouts. This set’s design was changed based on information from Oomatu’s art and some suggestions on the set group topics, so I have revised my ideas for the region of Naho during the war. So in this newer version, Naho primarily uses wood built structures and from materials of similar nature, thatch, leaves, large lily pads, ropes although they use some metal bracings and nails. This can be obscured by some of Naho’s painting choices on their boats and other structures.

However Naho has trade with many other regions which occasionally use their own transports to get supplies to and from the cities of Naho, to do this the Naho, along with their traders, constructed stone roads and bridges. However the stone on the bridges was only a foundation, they mainly used wood planks crossing the stone of the bridge as this was easier to replace by the Naho in the event of repairs. The Naho used this to their advantage by damaging the bridge by guardboats whenever enemies attempted to cross them.

Here we can see the mechanism that lets the pieces rotate or “fall”, they fall outwards or can fall inward, they may be difficult to set up but they add to the play features as perhaps you need to walk a minifig down the bridge without any pieces falling.


Here we have 5 minis, 2 Nahoans and 3 Motarans. The Nahoans are the boat captain and gunman, fairly basic as I imagine that the captain was a fisherman and the gunman doesn’t really need armor, there are detachable spears they can use in the event that they do enter hand to hand combat, or in case they need to get some lunch.

The Boat

So I decided to create a boat similar to the design @Sokoda (Check out his Naho boat), althought this design is smaller and has a turret with a fair amount of articulation, the canopy can lift up and the captain and gunman can be moved. The design also uses Bionicle pieces, from both generations.

If you have requested a battle pack It will not be available for quite some time now I’m afraid and if you want one I reccomend you request on my G3 civil war sets topic and I will respond when I’m designing it. The Naho bridge set details will be updated on that topic shortly after this being posted.

As always comments and criticisms are welcome :smiley:


Super cool. The bridge and boat look really good. One thing I have a question on though; wouldn’t it make sense to have more nahoans than motarans?

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This was a huge improvement compared to the original. Good job.

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The Nahoans are on a gunboat, surrounded by water with control over the bridge. I’m pretty sure they have the advantage :smiley:

The main idea here is that they fire on the bridge, causing pieces to fall apart, the Motarans you see here are only scouts, perhaps the Attack force is behind them?

@TheMOCingbird thanks, it mostly depended on the function, the original had a drawbridge, this one can “fall apart”.

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Oh ok I see what you’re doing. Nice makes a lot of sense now👌

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Definitely a massive improvement, and I adore the uniformity of the boat with Sokoda’s design, yet the clear military motif. It’s an excellent concept that you’ve fleshed out here, and the bridge certainly suits Naho a lot more than the previous design. Great work, Kardax.


I love it! Much better than the old one! I love the boat especially! I think it’s even superior to Sokoda’s!

Interesting worldbuilding thingy: The Nahoan boat uses an engine instead of sails or rows, so the technology must’ve gone forward significantly during the Civil War.
Thanks to this, we could see industrialization and even some Metru-Nui type cities after the three year plan!

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Hehe that boat looks familiar^^, but it’s also very different in its shape. I like it

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Nice boat. The bridge is a little plain though

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I won’t be revising it but I would probably add some sort of Greek-styled arch or gateway, something Japanese inspired maybe? Perhaps a few trees and rocks around the base etc.

Part counts are a little restrictive but I can always halve the bridge.

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