G3 constructive criticism (pro's and cons)

So when looking for brickonicle stuff, I never found posts criticising decisions (storywise/worldbuilding) that were made on the podcast. Yes, there were opposing ideas, but these were often continuations of discussions that started during the podcasts (eg the matoran leg debate). I have a place in my heart for this attitude, as it could mean that most of the board users are to polite or nice to go against the cast. I was for a while as well, but now I decided to give people a place to critique G3.


  • Do not further discussions that already happened and were (or are about to be) resolved during the podcasts. Matoran leg debate, toa gender, etc. are out.
  • Keep the criticism constructive. Do not post, I hate this because I dislike this. This post is made to give the TTV crew a general overview of what complaints the community might hold. If this gets influential enough, they need to be able to use this.
  • Also point out things you think they did well. Criticism is not always negative. If we point out the good, they know what ideas/concepts to further.

My opinion:
Negative: I find the story created way to mature and complex for a childrens story line. G3 started because TTV wanted to “put the money where are mouths are” after complaining so much about G2. This means they want/should emulate Lego’s story teams. I find their story to be way to much focused on the backstory of the toa. It is nice to have this, but kids will not be interested I think. Most kids that are into Bionicle were 8-12. At that age I didn’t care about how people are opposed to each other by political views. How jobs like arbiters work and how this effect their character growth. As touched upon before, politics should be removed. Remember the storm of hate Star Wars 1-3 got for the inclusion of boring political squabling? It destroys the flowing narrative of a adventure story, which Bionicle (in my opnion) is at its core. A few political systems are fine, especially simple ones like kingdoms. But six? That is way to much! The themes of Bionicle feel lost to me in the podcasts. These being adventure/exploration and mystery. Maybe if they release a more concrete it will be solved. But I am scared for the future.
Important note: I still like listening and discussing it, since I am a teen/young adult, with an interest in history and politics. I like having complex characters. But not in a Bionicle story. A story aimed at kids, that is meant to sell toys. G2 did to little worldbuilding and treated children as to “”“dumb”"" (in my opinion), while G3 is treating them like full grown adults. I see two opposing sides, we should find a nice middle ground.

Positive: As stated before, I think the themes of exploration/adventure and mystery should be central. The audience should feel the need to explore the island and its mysteries, Maybe even buy the toys to emulate this. What better way to sit for a tv-screen and see an island. It is a beautiful, lush island, but frozen in time. The water is not moving, the snow is stuck in mid air. A tree bend halfway, but not able to fall. A village, full of what appear to be statues. 6 heroes (maybe some side matoran) are stuck on an island, hunted by animal like beings. They have to find pieces to complete a legendary mask, to bring the island back to life.
The first year proposed for G3 got me hyped. This year is the reason I’m still around. It has everything. It feels so Bioniclesque. The themes I wanted to be explored are all here. Year 1 is so well constructed by the TTV cast, it is unbelievable. Well done!

So now it is your turn to help the TTV cast improve their G3 project.


I agree, but if written correctly, the story could be comprehensive for a young audience.

While I see where you are coming from, I think you’re treated the discussions on the podcast as though that is the way the audience is going to consume the story.

You have to keep in mind that the story has not yet been written. Everything we have discussed so far has been for the benefit of the writers and the writers alone. Most of this information will not have an actual impact on the narrative structure of G3 as the narrative will be following the Toa on their adventure to save the island. If the Toa are not present to witness social and political issues first hand then the audience also won’t witness it. Everything is going to be told through the eyes of the Toa and how they interact with the world around them, meaning all this information is going to be condensed and streamlined and only the plot points that are relevant to the narrative will be addressed.

All this world building must be developed so that the writers can make sure that when things happen they make sense within the confines of this universe. We’re establishing rules that will serve as a guide for the narrative.

The target audience for our proposed Bionicle reboot and the audience of our podcast are not the same. Those two demographics do overlap of course, but if we were to actually be making this thing for real you would not be aware of any of our plans outside of what we want you to know through the narrative and the podcast wouldn’t be public.

There’s a reason LEGO didn’t let us fans see the story bible for Bionicle G1 or G2. Because that story bible isn’t for the consumers.