G3 Ignition Trilogy Ideas!

So, there seems to be a general consensus that Brickonicle will only go around for about three years or so, and stay confined to the island of Mata Nui. This makes sense- After all, we’re trying to return to Bionicle’s tribal, Maori-inspired roots, and 2004 and beyond was a massive departure in unfathomable ways, although still good.

But, what if Brickonicle was successful, and it went BEYOND the first three years of story, just like the original G1? I mean, we can’t expect it to be so successful… but if it was, what kinds of story could we do for it? Likewise, how could we do the Ignition Trilogy (Metru Nui flashbacks wouldn’t be so necessary), but closer to Bionicle’s tribal roots?

So, here’s an idea for Ignition, but with the more tribal aesthetic of the first three years. The story, ideas, characters, and settings, as you might notice, are plagiarized from inspired by Moana, which I just saw this night and really invigorated a sense of Maori culture that Bionicle G3 needs.


The story starts with Makuta seemingly defeated, the Brotherhood Cult either scattered or forced into hiding, the Rahi tamed, and the Bohrok slumbering in their nests. Everything is all great and all, and the Matoran celebrate- Until, one day, a recent harvest is shown to be cold, desolate, and dust-like. The crops are dry and dying, filled with ashes.

Rahi fish are leaving the reefs. Vegetation is beginning to decay, and the sun is growing dim. Realizing something is not quite right, and noting that Mata Nui has not given word of his awakening, the Toa consult the Elemental Deities, namely Akida, the oldest of them all with recorded history inlaid into his ancient memories.

Holding answers, Akida mournfully reveals to the Toa that Mata Nui is dying. The dark spell cast by Makuta has been slowly poisoning him, and even the Vahi, Mask of Time, can not reverse this corruption. Unwilling to let their home whither away and die, the Toa promise to fend off Makuta’s final spite however they can. Impressed by their courage, Akida divulges precious information to them;

Legend has it that the Vahi is not the only Legendary Mask. Just as there is time, there is life… and thus comes in Ignika, the Mask of Life.

According to Akida, Mata Nui wore Ignika and used its powers to bring life to Mata Nui… and other lands beyond it, a fact that shocks the Toa. Once he was done, Mata Nui hid the Ignika away in another island, known as Voya Nui…

Only the Ignika can bring Mata Nui back to life, and likewise awaken him. Thus, Akida sends the Toa on their journey to retrieve the Mask of Life and save their world. Departing on several boats, they sail off to Voya Nui with a festival of support from the Matoran.

The Toa brave horrible winds and seas, and come across many dreadful sights. Rahi far more monstrous than the ones created by Makuta plague the oceans. At one point, they come across a series of floating glaciers in the tropical waters… home to savage Frostelus, which they barely fend off.

Meanwhile, a mysterious being with the ability to make things age and decay arrives on the shores of the island of Mata Nui. Calling itself Voporak, it has been attracted to the island after sensing the energies of the Vahi, which had been used to unfreeze time. Voporak wreaks havoc, sent by a group called the Dark Hunters…

As the remaining villages stay back to fend off Voporak, Jaller and his friends decide to take a route to Voya Nui to help the Toa. Alas, Voporak has rendered all the boats to dust, but Akida knows of another way to Voya Nui… one far more dangerous than the ocean. Directed to Terak, Jaller asks the Earth Deity for his blessing, and Terak agrees.

Terak opens up a tunnel deep within the earth, and instructs Jaller and Co. to follow along the path. Beneath the ocean is a realm, a reverse world, where twisted things dwell (basically the realm of monsters in Moana). There, they will encounter horrid beings banished there, but Jaller and Co. continue on without fear.

Meanwhile, the Toa on their voyage encounter massive pirate boats, piloted by the Dark Hunters- a group of exiles, outcasts, and criminals, led by the Shadowed One’s alolan form. Having noticed this epidemic, the Shadowed One admits that he knows of the Ignika’s story, and is already attempting to claim it for himself. A brief clash ensues and the Toa narrowly escape, but the Shadowed One knows that the Toa are no match for his warriors, with six in particular (the Piraka) heading the operation.

Elsewhere, Jaller and Co. traverse the twisted realm beneath the ocean, encountering strange, nightmarish creatures, such as the Tahtorak, which demands an answer to an unknown question, the fire-breathing Kanohi Dragon, and the shape-shifting Krahka. Sure enough, they stumble upon the realm of Karzahni. The titular deity is a nightmarish monster who rules over the cursed and the weakened. Old and insane, Karzahni learns of the dying world above, of Mata Nui and Makuta, and the Ignika, and decides to seize its power for himself. Just like in G1, they escape Karzahni, finding a magic/underwater portal leading straight to Voya Nui, which is destroyed by the slave-worker who helps them to prevent Karzahni from following.

Back on Mata Nui, the Turaga have to deal with Voporak, who they discover is sent by the Shadowed One, as well as a few more, including G3 Nidhiki and Krekka. They learn the stories of other islands, such as Nynrah, Stelt, etc., and how Nidhiki was once a heroic demigod and Toa, but out of greed betrayed his comrades in a battle against the Dark Hunters. Alas, Nidhiki’s betrayal failed, and he was forced to retreat with the pirates.

Other threats, having heard stories of the Vahi, the Ignika, and so forth congregate to either Mata Nui or Voya Nui. A nightmare king known as Sidorak leads his Visorak hordes to Mata Nui to claim the Vahi, with his queen, the wicked sorceress Roodaka, pulling the strings from behind. Enchanted statues known as Vahki seek the Vahi and intend to take over everything to instill ‘order’. Bandits known as Skull Raiders, led by Kulta, likewise arrive to seize riches.

Finally, the six Toa arrive at Voya Nui, which is taken over by Dark Hunters, who have enslaved the populace, using them to drain the central volcano, Valmai, to find the Ignika fabled to be hidden within. They attempt to fight the Piraka, and are assisted by the Voya Nui Resistance team. Along the way, they encounter Axonn and Brutaka- two powerful Demigods who were tasked with protecting the Ignika.

Alas, Brutaka has given into despair, feeling Mata Nui’s death throes. Having lost hope and faith, he’s allied with the Dark Hunters, in particular the Piraka, who seek to betray the Shadowed One once they claim the Ignika. Axonn attempts to help the Toa, but, alas, they’re defeated soundly by Brutaka, who is using a strange substance known as Antidermis to empower himself, a substance that had been discovered rather recently and can subdue Matoran to mindless slaves for the Dark Hunters.

The Toa are imprisoned, and Jaller and Co. arrive. The Red Star, a deity from the stars, senses the need for heroes, and thus bestows the six with elemental powers. Now the Toa Inika, the Inika clash with the Dark Hunters. Back on Mata Nui, the various threats are dealt with. Keetongu, a sentient Rahi that traverses the ocean floor to help others, destroys Sidorak as Roodaka takes power, but she’s defeated. Nidhiki and Krekka are likewise defeated, and wounded, are captured by Brotherhood Cultists to be offered as sacrifices to Makuta, whom they insist is still alive and watching.

The Voya Nui arc continues similarly to G1, and the Inika managed to awaken the spirit of Valmai’s volcano, who in a rage at the cruelties of the Dark Hunters, erupts, swallowing several Dark Hunters but sending forth cooled volcanic rock slabs for the Matoran to ride the lava flows safely. Taking their chance, the Piraka manage to force the location of the true entrance to the Ignika, in the Green Belt, from Brutaka and go on their way.

Meanwhile, the remaining Dark Hunters defend the Piraka Fortress from the Voya Nui Matoran and Axonn, but are quickly taken down. Within the central chamber are the defeated Toa, but Brutaka stands in the center, having reinvigorated himself with the presence of the vat of Antidermis within. He and Axonn clash, two friends at each others’ throats, as the Voya Nui matoran free the Toa and nurse them back to health. Brutaka chastises Axonn for clinging stubbornly to the hope of a dead god, but Axonn, in a rage, defeats his fallen friend, shattering the Antidermis vat, his source of power, causing the substance to ‘scream’ and dissipate into gas. A strange, monstrous being appears to take Brutaka to his ‘condemnation’. Axonn acknowledges the beast as ‘Botar’, and Botar disappears with Brutaka in tow.

The Inika go through the trials of the 777 steps alongside the Piraka, and the fight culminates at the entrance to the final chamber. The Piraka are defeated, and the Inika confront Vezon and Fenrakk- the former of which is a Dark Hunter who learned of the Ignika before the Shadowed One and was the first to set foot on the island, only to be cursed as Ignika’s guardian, the mask fused to the back of his head.

Vezon is beaten, and Matoro removes it- Alas, Fenrakk, who metamorphosed into the Kardas Dragon, attacks him from behind before collapsing in defeat. Ignika flies out of Voya Nui and plunges into the depths, and Axonn explains that the Ignika must go to its rightful place to awaken Mata Nui…

The Piraka escape and attempt to go underwater to pursue the Ignika, but the Mask of Life, enraged by their actions and heresy, curses them from afar, transforming them into twisted serpents. Back on Mata Nui, with the other threats beaten, Voporak takes its chance with the lower guard of the Turaga to seize the Vahi and escapes, much to the Shadowed One’s glee, who likewise places a bounty on the Piraka, not knowing of their transformation. Axonn instructs the original Toa to go off on another journey to prepare for Mata Nui’s awakening and likewise bring peace to other islands. The Inika descend down a strange tunnel known as the Cord, heading to the realm below.

At the end of the Voya Nui arc, we cut to two epilogues- Karzahni arriving on the shores of Voya Nui and noting, awfully calmly in an insane way, that he’s a bit late. Likewise, we cut to a Brotherhood lair, where the Rahkshi Priests present the bound Nidhiki and Krekka as sacrifices to a shrine of Makuta. From the mouth of the statue, Makuta’s spirit appears- the gaseous Antidermis itself, revealing himself as the substance. Makuta greedily possesses and devours Nidhiki and Krekka, dissolving their bodies and absorbing their souls to make himself more powerful, and instructs the priests to gather his strongest warriors as he departs to Mahri Nui, the island that sank beneath the waves.


I was under the assumption that it was because we’re using the three year plan as Lego does, and were only planning three years but allowing for more.

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