G3 Set Concept: Motara Caravan

Hi, Sokoda here again. This time with another G3 set concept.
The new set is for the region of Motara. As in my previous set I had to paint the masks on the rendered images, to show what the minifigures would look like with the masks. It doesn’t look perfekt, but I think it gets across how it would look.

The new set contains a Bug-Rahi, the Motarans use to travel, with a wagon and a Tent, a little scenery of the Motara landscape, as well as the minifigures: Panrahk, a Matoran and Pohatu.

1. The Bug

The Bug-Rahi with the wagon is the main part of the set. To build him I wanted to give especially the seat of the rider and the wagon a very tribal and desert/nomad look, so I went for a miture of bone-like and Bionicle/technic-like looking pieces on the bugs armor, so it looks like the armor is made outof scrap found in the desert.

(Back view)

The Wagon

The Luggage on the wagon can be detached and can be turned into a tent

The tent can be placed on the wagon as well.

2. The Scenery

The Motara scenery shows the desert look of Motara and the Stone-Head is another MNOG easter-egg.

4.The Minifigures

Panrahs design is again similar to the other Rahkshi (printing with Kraata, his G1 staff and spikes), but he has this special scorpion look. He even has a posable stinger-tail.

The Matoran (not much to say about him)

Pohatus design is as close to the official as I could get. His weapon is a mace with a rock attached as a reference to G1-Pohatus rock.

I hope you enjoy my new set concept




I love the design on this. But its the rahi bug and wagon that i like the most.


Thanks a lot

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I have to say, I really, really appreciate the professionalism that you put into your sets. Going the extra mile to photoshop the Toa designs.


Yeah thats a lot of work (but fun^^) and it would look really bad without them I think

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Right, because when I first joined these boards, there were some set concepts that just made me cringe. To be blunt, they looked like sets from the 80’s. One of them was a concept similar to the Naho boat.

I think presentation is really important I’ve seen stuff that would look much cooler with a good rendered image instead of an ldd screenshot

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I came expecting near perfection, and for the third time in a row I got it!
Absolutely awesome job; I think it’s safe to say you found your niche. Even when Brickonicle is over, I’d love to see more system sets from you with generation one scenes as the focus. This looks very professional, in addition to having great concepts and ideas. Once more, fantastic job, and I await eagerly for more of your work


Wow, this set looks incredible. The stone head is a nice touch and the tent utilizes quite a clever technique but the beetle is by far the highlight. The photoshopped minifigures do help convey the presentation a lot better, though Pohatu’s flail weapon looks kind of odd and too dangerous for him to wield.

The use of wheels was something I was hoping we could avoid in g3 because in g1 the wheel was never invented in the MU. I know this aspect is very limiting but it results in very innovative solutions that bring an extra charm to the theme.

I would buy this.

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Love it. Personally, using a katana as the handle would be better (can be stored and all), but it’s pretty good already.

(Ninjago MOCs when)

There was the Destral Cycle

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Awesome work, I would definitely want this as a set.

I love everything about the set but the buzz saw for Pohatu’s staff-mace-handle-thing. Over all it looks great, keep up the fantastic work. @DarkHenrik Sorry about responding to you, it was an accident.

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Amazing work. Love how Panrahk was implemented, it looks basically just like the concept art! I want a giant beetle to drag my stuff around for me now.

The Destral Cycle and Umbra’s skates are exceptions to the rule but neither are created or adopted by Matoran.

Gosh, this is amazing! I really like how you built and the wagon and just everything about the rahi is great.

I neglected to mention Umbra due to him being created by the Great Beings, but I think the Destral Cycle is relevant because it was created by Dark Hunters within the Matoran Universe- so Matoran were probably familiar with the design, but had other options to work with at their disposal. (Could you imagine Nuparu creating Vahki but not being aware of what a wheel was?)

Your original point still holds for the most part; wheels were not a common sight within Matoran civilization

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Amazing as always

A huge inspiration for this set are the 09 Bara Magna vehicles (especially Sahmads Baranus V7) and those have weels and I think its really hard to do a system set line completely without weels. But thanks for your nice comment.

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