G3 Set Concept: Motaran Raiders Ambush

Hey, Sokoda here and I built another set concept (no Mighty Micros this time). As alway masks are added on to show how the set would look, this time I designed a new mask.
The set has 430 pieces (including the 4 masks and Galis skirt piece)

So here is the new set:

Without Background

The Set contains a thorny devil inspired Rahi, a stone mask with a special function and the minifigures: Pohatu, Gali and two Raiders.

1. The Rahi

The Rahi uses a mix of System and constraction. I tried again to give it a very biomechanic looking look.

The Rahi has one seat and carries many tool for the raiders like a rope, an axe and a crossbow.

2. The stone mask

The stone mask is designed to look like the G1 Kakama and has a integrated trap function.

By turning the gear, the mask splits and a claw flips out

To test if the function works with real bricks I built a prototype. You can find a video of me using it here.

3. The Minifigures

In this set I included the Toa Gali and Pohato, I slightly redesigned both of their tools, after some of you gave me some feedback, please tell me which tools you like more, these or the previous ones.

The first Raider has a lot of cloth accessories, I did this to make him look like a wanderer in the desert. He also has a new mask: My version of the Mask of Scavenging

(Better look at the decals)

The second Raider has a very cobbeled together look, like he’s been threw some rough times.

(Better look at the decals and the double-sided face)

I hope you like this set and I would love to hear your feedback


Oh yeah and some people asked me for instructions for some of ma models, so I decided to make all my LDD-models and my rendered images public in this Google-Drive link if you do something with it, please show me I’m interested to see it.


awesome love it!!!I like the raiders though it might have been cool to add 1 or 2 dark hunters in the set

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These look amazing as always!

How do you do the custom decals on the minifigs? It’s probably been said before, but I haven’t ever looked into it.

@PakariNation99 yeah I have been asked that a lot^^ I use a program called LDD-to-PoV Ray to render the images, this programm allows to add decals. The decals I design myself

@lordvaldek671 yeah I wasn’t that sure how the dark hunters would look in G3, I have seen the pitches, but there is nothing official jet, so I decided to go with normal matoran raiders

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Wow! Another great set! Gali’s hooks look so much better now! Cool mask! I love that dragon-lizard Rahi thing.

Thanks, yeah I wasn’t sure about Galis “banana-stick” when I built it back then, but LDD didn’t have the riddler piece.

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Wait, have they added it?

Yeah they did in the last update

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Whelp, time to go work on some LDD!

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Wow, you did? That’s really awesome!

Nice work, man!

thanks, the prints are always a lot of work, happy to hear you like them

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Oh man this is beautiful


Sokoda, you little beauty! Another unbelievably excellent set!

The tools are great, that trap is thoroughly clever, the Desert Raiders are inspired, and that Rahi - I’ll add that to the bestiary - that Rahi is your best yet.


Time is the Toa’s enemy! The Desert Raiders and their Rock Steed have been unfrozen from the power of the Mask of Time, and they have come to with two would-be victims in their sights! Can Pohatu and Gali master their elemental powers and evade the Raiders and their traps?

Thanks man this is my new favourite blurp

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That Rahi!

I approve. The design is very mechanical but I can see some elements to it that could be considered biological and overall it creates a nice armoured mix. The way you’ve constructed the legs is quite fantastic too.

The trap is also a great idea, nice use of the gears and detail.

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Episode 2 has Tahu fight an Ash Bear after a glitch unfreezes it, so I rolled with that for the blurb concept. Glad you enjoyed it. (■■■■, that Rahi is good).

I want to suggest that these guys would be Bone Hunters, or maybe Vorox and Zesk like another recent pitch suggested…but I also really, really, like the name Desert Raiders. (Of course, Motara is ripe for potential factions and exploration, so who knows, maybe all of them could work.)

@Kardax thanks for your comment, those legs really took me a while to get right, but I like them now.

@Sanokal Yeah they could be Bone Hunters or Vorox, when I designed them I was just thinking that in Motara many matoran just become raiders in the desert and not all of them are part of organisations like the dark hunters or bone hunters, but some of them are, so everyone can decide for themselfs if therse Raiders are Bone Hunters, Vorox or just some random Raiders