G3 Set Concept: Naho Boat

Hi, its Sokoda again and I built another G3 set as an example to how the G3 sets could look.
This time I includet two matoran and Gali, thats why I had to paint the masks on top of the rendered images. This may not look perfekt, but I think it shows the look of the Toa and Matoran good enough.

The set contains a Boat, a little pier, a Water-creature and the Minifigures (2 Matoran (Marka and Nireta) , Gali and Guurahk.

1. The Boat

To build the boat I tried to use some Bionicle pieces to give it the typical robotic/technic look. I tried to go for a custom built and very functional look. The ship is filled with fishing gadgets and as an easter-egg to MNOG it has the Ga-Koran jellyfish-lamps and a roof that is made outof plants, like the Ga-Koran houses.

The roof can be opened!

2. The Pier

The Pier can be used to board the ship and has some bamboo growing on its side.

4. The Sea-Creature

The Sea-Creature has eight posable tentacles and can be caught by the fishing Matoran.

5.The Minifigures

Guurahks Design is similar to my Kurahk-Design in my other set concept. In his printing he uses some Design-Elements of G1 Guurahk, like his staff, his spine and the Kraata. Unlike Kurahk, Guurahk has the Lego Atlantis Squid-legpiece.


The Matoran both have a very similar Design to Differentiate them from the Toa. I went with the long legs on them, because the short legs can’t be printed in my render program.

Galis-Design is as close to the official as I could get.

I hope you like my new set idea



Dang that boat is awesome. Nice work.


Had this concept a while ago, though I was thinking of a more oriental or greek appearance in design and specifically for Gali’s use. Good aesthetics on all parts, though. My only complaint is that you might need to tone down on the G1 pts.


I think you’ve found your niche. Nice work!

This is absolutely amazing. That boat makes me very happy.

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Yeah you may be right about the G1 pieces. In future sets i will definitly use less, but in this one I tried different ways of incorporating Bionicle pieces in a System-build


I like the old parts. It gives opportunity for new colours and new colours make HUUGGE SAALLESSS for AFOLs. Not to mention that it makes a beautiful homage to G1’s boats.

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I love the look on the ship. I actually can see this work as a set made by LEGO. It has the things that would be in a LEGO set even, with the pier being for the Rahkshi while the boat is for the heroes, and with there even being a small creature included.

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Thanks, my Intention for these sets is always to make them look like real Lego sets


i also love the mix of both system and technic/CCBS. This would actually make for a neat way to make the Brickonicle sets stand out compared to other LEGO sets.

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This looks fantastic! The green on the top is very reminiscent of MNOG, which is of course fantastic. The G1 parts look good, but aren’t they retired? If not, I would have no issues with this.


I love it.

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This I need this


the snow mobile you made was meh, but this, this is amazing, I think a more mnog accurate colorscheme would look better tho

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I love this because this doesn’t look like any other vehicle you could get in another line. The Bionicle/tribal influence is visually distinct, and the colors are fantastic. This is one of the best MOCs I’ve seen for this project, great job.


You got an amazing aesthetic going on all around here.


@Jon @exxtrooper
Thank you guys, I just recently found out about ttv through your g3 discussion and startet using the message boards just a couple weeks ago.
It’s so great to get such nice comments directly from you!


I love this

Your work is excellent, it should be no surprise.

As for me, I love the aesthetic of that boat, it reminds me of Heroes and The Legend Reborn.

This has to be the best Brickonicle set concept I’ve ever seen. I think I even like this better than the Ta Koro MOC from the contest. Excellent job!